Live while being helped to the Philippines poor “distressed Japanese” “man who abandoned the Japan”

When I hear the “migration to the Philippines”, I wonder to what image.

In the year mild climate of tropical, … that old couple you retire the company is using the cheapness of price, to live in Yuyujiteki by rent it or buy a big house.

Speaking personal delusion, it’s like this.

However, this book to “live in men Philippines that was discarded Japan” distressed Japanese “” (Shueisha) is, does not appear people who live in the world like such a dream.Live in homeless state in a foreign land, he is the protagonist Japanese called “hardship Japanese”.They are penniless, and has continued living from hand to mouth while becoming indebted to local people.

The first place as “distressed Japanese”, it of Japanese residents to have fallen into economically distressed state abroad.Japanese number of seeking assistance and in ran into diplomatic missions in 2010, amounting to 768 people in all the world.

Above all needy Japanese number of the Philippines most with 332 people, I separate large 92 people in Thailand at the 2-position.In addition, in 10 consecutive years most since 2001, it’s repel severe of the other countries.

Mizutani Takeshu’s author, to work from ’04 in the “Daily Manila newspaper” in the Philippines reporter.They are interested in to the coverage life, and begins chasing.

“Become a such miserable state in a foreign country, whether alive every day in what kind of think”

Initially, despite such shortsighted thinking, something not only that, there was the thing to be attracted.

This document, 5 men needy Japanese Mr. met Mizutani appeared.

Although came to the Philippines to chase a woman I met in the Philippines pub of Japan, 48-year-old you’ve run out of money.58-year-old engagement to Filipino women was introduced to acquaintance was fake marriage.Create a five million yen or more of debt to gangsters, … 37-year-old has been fled abroad to escape from it.

“Please help me, thank you.”
“Please deliver the Japanese bento”
“Will likely jump awareness hungry”

In coverage also extends to more than one year, was repeated without the many times, the appeal of the aid, was also similar to overreliance request.And suddenly it peppered be abusive.Faded compassion to their also gradually, was also conflict with themselves that is not facing the them and equal.

Mr. Mizutani, not only himself, go to meet up to their parents to live in the vicinity of the people and Japan.Among them, distressed Japanese of one yearns as “God like a human,” there are the presence of a person, such as the Philippines mom.He every day, let me me help of her shop work, instead, had been asked to separate and somewhat of wages, the lunch of rice morning.

Dripping eye with plump, indeed is a looks good mom of people, speaking this.

“We poor people like is, if their is a painful experience, I think I do not want to let the same experience.The rich, it is not possible to understand the poor people of the situation.(Snip) So, to good he has been asked to eat things that are on the table, soap and shampoo, tobacco about May I raise “and (from the text)

Cheerful and friendly Filipinos, friendly to the needy Japanese.Even though poor is their own, if there are people who are in trouble, I’m giving a straight tenderness.

But mono is abundant, somewhere there is a sense of stagnation, Japan is hard to ask for help.Nor even mono money, but the Philippines there are people who will reach out with a laugh.

We, richness of earlier and …… to find, but one book you thought-provoking.
(Future sentence = Kamiura)

● Mizutani-TakeShigeru
Mie Prefecture in 1975 Kuwana born.Sophia University Foreign Languages ​​English graduated from the Department of.Through the wedding photo professional photographer, and has served as a reporter of Japanese newspaper in the Philippines from 2004 “Daily Manila newspaper”.I’m in charge of mainly Japanese incident, such as murder and escape criminal arrest, the social part story, such as issues related to Japanese society.2011, won the 9th Kaiko Ken nonfiction prize in this work.

※ The image is “a man who was discarded Japan” (Shueisha)

· Be the first to start a bright escape life abroad! outside lullaby in which anyone can “Bangkok! ”
· Female nonfiction writer of attention is draw, eat documentary “that was passed through the” food “.”
Philippines maximum of the reigning the Japanese as “king” in prison “Batasu ── prison of law”

“Taiwan’s democracy is fake” Beijing Taiwan politics to rant of Professor, net users rebound -SP Hana shaped paper

January 2012, in the hole Keihigashi (Con Jindon) Professor TV program of Beijing University “Taiwan’s democracy is fake democracy” remark and.Have raised the voice of criticism from Taiwan ruling and opposition parties.The 28th, Singapore Hana shaped paper, Lianhe Zaobao told.

[Other photos of]

Hole professor is known for extreme remarks, television and many popular scholar exposure in the media.The other day, “Honkonhito dogs damn” I was attracted attention in remarks.For this time Taiwan, “there was no particular progress in the four years of horse Ying-jeou administration”, “Taiwan presidential election’s election TV drama.Citizens to see only upsurge of television joy, it was stated that such “has been neglected all other things.

For this remark, in addition to the voice of criticism is up from the ruling and opposition parties, Taiwan Internet users are also countered with, such as “what democracy is not the Chinese mainland human-criticism with such fake democracy”.(Translation and editing / KT)

Shining as Kira star 13 stocks

I meet in.

I will incorporate the world All-Star company for me to portfolio.The Will I get to express Nante?While I think so, I have the expression “shining as Kira star” it companies.

Number of stocks carefully selected 13 stocks.

Without causing end with investment of one-time (purchase), it is possible to carry out the buildup to continue to see a good investment timing, it is idea is that let’s build up investment in a few decades.We would like to concentrate investment of about account for nearly 70% of the assets in the 13 stocks that Okeru much reliable deposit the money finally billion units.

The concept of selection of stocks, is “after 100 years in the top-notch companies are also thriving companies”.

Stock selection criteria, we believe the five points below.
(1) that it is a product or service with the brand (2) on top of the world market share has been ranked (3) that it is a what after decades is also necessary products and services (4) in emerging countries the growth is expected (5) high margin

Although it is best to be able to meet all, the reality is we are so easily not the case, I thought that it may satisfy some of the conditions.Holding period is not said to ’15, is the attitude of much held 100 years.

“13 stocks to shine as Kira star”
(1) Japan (5 companies)
Fast Retailing Telmo, Sysmex Manny Komatsu
(2) the United States (6 companies)
Coca-Cola · J & J · P & G · Heinz General Mills Kimberly Clark
(3) South Korea (1 companies)
Samsung Electronics
(4) China (1 companies)
Jiangsu highway (Jean Sue Express)

In 2011 the time was the 11 stocks, but we partition list up this time finally 13 stocks.It is not yet out of the range of candidates, I’m going to implement some of the replacement in the next few years.When looking at the lineup, I just companies that can earn in the world with the exception of China’s Jiangsu Fast.

is the characteristic of many companies that handle the necessities of on to live.Coca-Cola, Heinz, General Mills is “food”.Johnson & Johnson, Terumo, Sysmex, Manny “medical”.P & G, the Kimberly-Clark “household goods”.FAST RETAILING “clothing”.These are the necessary goods in human life.

Further, when the other to look, Komatsu is necessary to resources energy and urban development “mine construction equipment”.Samsung Electronics is used in the digital life “consumer electronics and semiconductors”.Jiangsu Fast is a special position, but in China, which aims to one economy in the world “highway”.

Market crash will do to invest with confidence also happening.Stock market crash is welcome in the rather aspects cache is accumulated.Since across the four countries of the market, there is also a case to fall and pawn than other countries in the country of circumstances, there are many investment opportunities.In fact, the 2011 Hong Kong market becomes more severe market TSE, because stock was also considerable touted the “Jiangsu highway”, it was becoming increasingly buy is divided into several times where it was touted.Now I’m at the top of my portfolio.

Stock price has been recovering from the second half of last year, but still has become more than 5% in the 12 times table and dividend yield in PER.Intermediate layer has to buy more and more cars in China.And largest commercial city Shanghai China, and operates a road that connects the Nanjing Metropolitan of Jiangsu you bite into third place in the nominal GDP.Already beyond the mountain of capital investment in the road, you are in the recovery period.

Kikuchi was finally divorced Momoko

Tetsu Nishikawa of Momoko and professional golfers Kikuchi actress in some sports paper, has been reported that it has this month divorce.That custody of the eldest son and daughter have a Kikuchi.

2 people dating in the wake of the round together in a pro-am round of golf in ’93.Married in May 95, recently it has been bestowed the eldest son and daughter in Separated state, an “X Day” of divorce from previously had been attention or become a time.

“Cause of separation is affair of Nishikawa.There is a second house, and women in Tokyo eateries work, had been rumored affair with the 40-something single professional golfer.Since his debut, was also that woman president of the agency, which has watched as loco parentis of Kikuchi is that it has a background check of Nishikawa in secret to Kikuchi was reported in women’s magazines “(weekly magazine reporter)

’95 That was married Kikuchi, but winnings of Nishikawa was about 22 million yen, thereafter, grades steep descent.’05 And ’06 as finally tour pros can not break through a tour of the qualifying even once he was appointed to the teaching professional in the semi-retired state.Currently, president of racehorse fund sales company has become a core business.

Therefore, Kikuchi earnest resume entertainment activities in ’08 It must support the family as a mainstay.I’m doing a such as regular and event appearances of “the market weakened” (TBS system).

“Kikuchi of the agency is still Kikuchi sign actress.Soredakeni, also the office of the president was bother to investigate the Nishikawa of behavior.The only public sympathy vote had gathered to Kikuchi, divorce is going to be plus “(women’s magazine reporter)

Future, Kikuchi is likely that strive to more work for children.

[Entertainment is ♪ vitamin] AKB48 research student-light of topic Sokun, as early as CM debut? The fan abuzz in the handling of “selected members and the same row.”

On this site in the last year in December, I was introduce the brilliant career of AKB48 13th student-Kaoru Mitsumune (San-mune Kaoru).As early its light breast, “or appeared in CM is magic in selected members!?” And it is in uproar among fans.

2011 Kobe Collection is (aka-God this) model audition Grand Prix winner, Kaoru Mitsumune (18).In boyish filled with beautiful from God Kore era as with the female fans, there is a aura as a model “amateur whiff” is I did not feel at all.Until of AKB48 members from or at all career different order and now, it seems there was also the voice of fan that indicates the rejection against her on the net.

It several sheets of photos that have been published in the blog, “Diary” of Mariko January 27 Shinoda.That’s how the CM shooting that took place in the evening.In the bitter cold is written as “worked hard to night in the five”, there was one that is reflected alongside everyone.

Seems light Zong is reflected in what in its five.In the photo to the other Haruna Kojima, Atsuko Maeda, Itano Tomomi and four of Shinoda.Hikarimune Rashiki person is side-by-side of eminent selection members.

AKB fans saw this seems to have uproar.Although raised originally voice of protest on the net from the fan was not favorable to light breast, “I do not have a sense of discomfort at all.”And was also her I’m looking forward to working from this opinion.

Yasushi Akimoto is AKB48 General Producer in TV programs that are broadcast in this year’s New Year, “We support the” growing unfinished idle “, charm is AKB48 enjoy.Had said it “.Clearly different from the members up to light Zong now and think from that point, it is also true that are controversial among fans.

Excessive conflict between fans will not be a never good results for AKB48.There is a possibility of Akimoto’s strategy but, surprise with a focus on light Zong is still continued likely sign.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

Meaning no possibility of China production after China’s labor costs soaring in 5 years

If overlooks the global world economy, is about to change even scheme called “high labor costs in Japan, cheap emerging countries”.

Kiichi Mr. KURAMO of Human Resources Director and Public Relations Office Manager of Iris says that strengthen the domestic regression.

“Currently, China has fallen into soaring and manpower shortage of rapid labor costs.In reaction to the one-child policy, young people who had come to the migrant in the city until now has begun to return to the inland, the labor costs at 20 percent of pace every year are soaring.

In the past, Japan and the per capita labor costs in China there was open 20 times, and hopefully this remains, in four to five years, including the logistics cost our company and we believe that is no merit of China production ”

It is not to be limited to the Chinese.Japan Finance Corporation last year from August to September, where we conducted a questionnaire to small and medium-sized companies with overseas subsidiaries, top of the challenges faced in about 49% of the “rise of labor costs”, “Ensuring worker” , “Ensuring administrator” is followed by.The rate of increase in enterprise-wide labor costs that are responded to the questionnaire in 17.6%, especially Vietnam has risen also 24.3 percent compared to one year ago.

Any conventional wisdom of “If you make in Asia up cheap” overturned.As Japan HP is was up a manufacturing efficiency review of the line, there is a possibility that time the difference in labor costs Umar accelerated more by the efforts of each company.

※ Shukan Post February 3, 2012 issue

Using a mobile phone in North Korea now, there is also likely to be sentenced to death.

Under the name of “mourning” ….

Just is the North Korean people who are forced to hard life even, but seems to have been further that living is a limit now.Is, now and use a cell phone in North Korea, is there a possibility that you will be sentenced to the worst case the death penalty for that.
Now North Korea has in mourning of 100 days for North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died last December.According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, during this period the use of mobile phones are prohibited, and you will be given a punishment commensurate and is certified as a “war criminal” When break it.

This is perhaps seen to be a measure of wary of North Korean defectors.If you actually were defectors who are caught up to this, either as a punishment is housed in a forced labor camp, because if you have repeated the North Korean defectors have reported is when the human rights organization sentenced to death, of mobile phone use You will be considered to be in correspondence that conforms to this is also the case.

As Fortunately TheNextWeb has written, the first place because the people who have a cell phone in North Korea is a about 3 percent of the population, the case that general people are accused of this crime is less likely.That said, spring I I still far ….
[Telegraph via TNW]

Sam Biddle (original / miho)
 Here because of the accident of category ’40 before from you want to read together?Strange disease (Video) Kazakhstan subway museums such as Tourette’s disorder to spread in NY high school Mita-i! (Yes Gallery) US government was using the prison of fraudsters to Google undercover!

Intel Nagatomo return to the entire practice … or return in Lecce game

Yuto Nagatomo of Japan representative DF belonging to Intel, it is joined to the entire practice that was towards the Lecce game of the Serie A Section 20 which is carried out on the 29th, was digested menu.Is reportedly official HP of club.

Nagatomo is injured right foot in the Lazio game that made the Serie A Section 19 to the 22nd.I had to miss the Coppa Italia quarter-final round of the Naples 25th.However, seen as meaning that the rest of taking important was strong, is likely to be filled members in the weekend of Lecce game in that it was doing this time the entire practice.

Intel is defeated in Naples warfare Nagatomo has miss, Eliminated from Coppa Italia.Although became the result to stop the strong flow, for Intel that can not be defeated in the league, the return of Nagatomo is likely a big help.

[Photo] = FOTO SINO

Nagatomo miss Intel, in the shutout defeat in Naples quarterfinals Eliminated / Italy Cup
Nagatomo, or miss the Naples against Italian Cup quarter-finals in the right foot injury
CSKA executive, stated the agreement between Honda and Lazio & hellip; focus on the transfer fee negotiations one point
Lazio SD to show confidence in Honda won “Surprise Failure to take”
Serie A total of 20 teams of acquisition and release list from here

Mass Media: Treasury superstructure and political love of substructure of Manse

In recent years, it is much the same even read the editorial of the newspaper.Former such patronized newspaper, color-coded like that Han power of newspaper, under the Democratic administration has increasingly faded.

The contemporary, in the mass media companies, superstructure, there is a substructure, or not than each is better seen as being a different movement?

Superstructure regime is stable, surely corresponds to the long-term problem.Do not run away from unpopular policies to the public. 
Effect: media is trusted by government, management and editorial committee can become the patronage committee of advisory body.

Leaders: media management, editorial committee, desk (newspaper has a strong superstructure)

Shi that substructure politics is interesting.Political situation and new party boom, and welcome such as Rigo collection and distribution of political parties. 
Effect: voters interested in politics, viewing rate of political program increases.Sell ​​the newspapers and magazines.

Leaders: field reporter, social part (television stations substructure is strong)

Now, the superstructure of the media is to boost the consumption tax hike of naive to Prime Minister Noda, it would be circumstances in which the lower structure is the long-awaited appropriately criticism while Hashimoto Restoration boom Tsumarai Noda regime.

it does not mean that the upper and lower structures are always different movements.Both interests are matched when Koizumi Fever.I need the condition that “people dare support the painful reforms” as a match to the premise.

Hashimoto Meiji Restoration, because it is often somehow united front with Your Party, but I do not know expectations have been made, such as a consumption tax hike opponents.To put up Hashimoto change course mayor in national politics, if you declared to raise the consumption tax, the mass media is going to be again monolithic since Koizumi.

Superstructure also, to just and After “is the people in the defeat of the ruling party said No to the consumption tax hike,” as in the case of the upper house election is a comprehensive like that sorry, and up on the Noda government support rate continues to decline The Give, it will start the bearers Hashimoto.

US reality that comes into view from the FOMC

I felt some of the things in the State of the Union speech last night of FOMC and one last night.
The content, the big surprise was not (it would be nearly the assumption).
Indeed, the decision to continue the low interest rates until the FOMC of the end of 2014, I think that’s drastic measures.
The fact that even three years not to raise the policy rate, that is, the prolongation of the time axis, maybe, and I think there is a reason that should not otherwise.

And then try to the description of the FOMC in dogmatism (some people thank you to comment with suggestions).
First, whether the FOMC is, Mr. Bernanke, would be circumstances, such as what it wants most to avoid.
This is an easy thing, “deflation” or just drop in prices, should want to avoid it anyway.

Even a was carried QE2, base, and avoid deflation, and anyway, are fundamental reasons to keep the expected inflation rate plus.
How can that also wrote many times, if accustomed to deflation, because the inflation rate will be negative, real interest rates is always a plus.
This is, quite, will not work, such as measures to boost economy.
(And so it does not the real interest rate can be a minus)

Among such, three years, is that it does not raise interest rates, perhaps, people of the FOMC, will truth is that not even care about inflation.
Now in the United States, you will you know that does not occur Nante significant rise in prices.
What are you in mind, it is still of a “deflation”.

The Tatte said such a thing, although signs of deflation is not yet visible, Chants Bernanke’s are speaking.
Now, the biggest problem is the housing price.
In the United States, $ 700 billion a negative equity has also faced, policies to solve this problem, and I are speaking not think.
And this negative equity, I say that the difference between the current house prices and the balance of the mortgage (debt).
Of course, in the relationship of debt> house prices, now, even selling the house, do not return all of the debt, it is the debt is saying and may remain even $ 700 billion.
For although this negative remains would, in order to reduce the loan interest rate, you can not even refinancing of mortgage.

Let’s explain it a more familiar.
Now, I, with the help ¥ 100 million from the bank, bought a stock of 100 million yen worth.
One year later, the stock had become half.
Now, if selling a stock, I am leaving a debt of 50 million yen to the bank.

Was troubled.
In short, I balance sheet of individuals, have become insolvent state.
In this, the economy does not improve.

Until now, that we have come up with various policies, in its effect, flow around, and I may be considered a strange story, bicycle operation was not rotate well.
In the future, the policy, because I’ll go turn the money, easy-to-I do not think also that the economy is broken.
In fact, the economic indicators of the second half of last year, but it is positive surprise there were many.
I think the policy had worked well.

So, when they are about to go to the fundamental treatment, must be to eliminate the state of personal insolvency.
If this is a company, you can either capital increase, it is either increase the retained earnings.
Capital increase, that is, someone, there is no reason to give us the money.
After all, to increase the internal reserves, to put it simply, we will accumulate the salary and working, it’s no choice but to go back the debt.

That is right.
while the flow is around, so able to return the debt, there is no problem.
However, heck, what can return no matter how money.
and luckily, it’s all well and good if also at work in the high income, but is such a handful.
Many, easy savings to not give elephants, does not reduce the debt.

In this, it is also without the consumption rises, the economy, that depends on the policy, is like wearing an artificial life-support system.
By removing the drip, what happens, still, the health body far I.

When become, remaining means, is one.
In fact, it is the thing simple.

I housing prices may be rising.
If rising house prices, negative equity will dramatically decrease.

To do this, is that we need time.
1 year, in two years, it is difficult.
In the FRB of the Board, it seems some people that should not be raising interest rates until 2016, but it, I by this reason.
Of course, even over time, where there is not even Nante guarantee that house prices will rise.

Is such time, when considered in the paradoxical and I think that it is easy to understand a little.
Now, to economic indicators was also good and split, and what happens if you raise the interest rates, please consider.
When it comes to such a thing, house prices, it is likely to bottom cracking, you easily considered.

With that said, the United States of balance sheet adjustment, that is, the elimination of excessive debt, is to say that it needs time.
Just mortgage, still, is there even $ 700 billion.
Of course, do you think it is that there is variety in the other.

So, to continue the monetary easing, quantitative easing (QE) also, and I think even more likely to do.

In this FOMC, “Oh, I thought, the United States of lesions deep Na of it,” it was the thought again and.
Or would not be true meaning of the message that it is not a three-year rate hike.
After, it might have tailored to (lending in the three years 1%) 3-year LTRO of ECB.

Well, strain, What Is not no good?
Near-term, might somewhat upside is limited, relaxation, such as QE in the stock market I think plus.
This year, because “monetary easing expectations” year, the stock, Well, I think it’s a plus.

Come to think of it, I was saying that there is ready to do further asset purchases also the UK.
Well, the Bank of Japan, and what to do, we have to look forward to.