Bank branch length is 5 billion yen abscond, arrested in a latent destination – China

Branch manager of the bank in the Shandong Province, discovered that had been away with about 5 billion yen worth such as had bills of exchange in the safe, was arrested in a latent destination of Zhejiang 7 days.Xinmin network told.

Arrested Liu 維寧 suspects branch manager of the bank in the Shandong Yantai.When the bank the other day was conducted workplace exchange between branches by supervisory management, the whereabouts of Liu suspect no longer know.Was examined the books of branches, the actual situation and you are was for police dispatch to the different, Liu from investigation results last year April through January this year suspects bill of exchange, such as a total of 400 million 36 million yuan from the safe (about 5.3 billion was growing suspicion that you were away with circle).

National Public Security Bureau Class A Liu suspect is specified in the (primary) wanted criminals, the city Public Security Bureau is Upon investigation, Liu suspects have found that the latent fled to Zhejiang from the city at the end of January.Zhejiang police authorities immediately laid investigation posture, discovered a suspicious man in the ministry Jinhua City at around 1:00 local time of 7 pm.Result of interrogation, turned out to be a Liu suspects were arrested.

During the arrest, that Liu suspect was in possession of cash 290,000 yuan (about 3.5 million yen).(Editors: Toshiyuki Yanagawa)

Visiting hours of the Yu Darvish children from going to America just before 90 minutes

Saeko (25 years old) of was stopped in Tokyo luxury apartment one-box car of one before live with son duo, of February early one day, things 18:00 too.And was coming down from the car, was ex-husband, Yu Darvish of mask figure (25 years old) in the upper and lower black training wear.

Divorce problem also settled, in preparation for the camp-ins in the United States, to Hawaii entering for Jishutore in early February Dar.Saeko home visit of the day, he moved just before, would place such as the end of the reunion with children.

Soredakeni, and although it seemed that it might be spend slowly in four family, the Dal came out an apartment, it after only 90 minutes from down the car.

Speaking of 3-year-old and 1 year old, it’s cute Mori.Camp begins in the United States in the 23rd, Major League Baseball is opening in March.If not come children to play in the United States, but he will not meet at least the end of the season up to 8 months or more ….Dar after leaving the apartment, and stop by the super, went back to the home apartment.

Are you over Takeshi attack on the Dal is, the original professional golfer Miho Koga (29 years old).As reported in women Seven February 9 issue, Koga over to the United States along with the dull, and that earns the consternation plan to live together.

Also in “early February Hawaii, Dar is scheduled to perform Jishutore jointly with little sister of professional golfers from the Koga, of course, we are seen as also to join Koga.Or might directly result in the United States … that together “(sports newspaper reporter)

※ women Seven February 23, 2012 issue

20 pairs evacuation call on the net from Tokyo a anxiety radioactivity to Kagawa

Been forced to evacuate in the Northeast each prefecture, victims hurts the year, such as temporary housing and relatives home about 30 million people.In addition, in response to the nuclear accident, not a few people who voluntary evacuation brought children into regions such as Kansai and Okinawa from Kanto.Suffering of these mothers, has continued even now.Noriyuki Mr. Shimizu freelance writer has followed the now “primary refugees mom” who.

* * * Murakoshi Atsuko (30 years), it becomes anxiety while you listen to the story of exposure from mom friend, had to leave the Tokyo with her elementary school sophomore daughter in June.The transit trains and high-speed bus, it arrived was the Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu.

“I want to say that the” run away “in Tokyo of relatives and friends, but not escape if there is no shelter.So, so that it can be said that “Come out”, borrowed a large house old.The call on the net, you have visited evacuation mother-to-child of about 20 pairs ever ”

Mr. Murakoshi is a single mother, and served as full-time in the IT company, has been brought up the children.In timing that issued the letter of resignation to the earthquake just before from various circumstances, it was hit by a nuclear accident.Murakoshi’s talk.

“Money and the other broke.Though I, and I think when you regret a lifetime Once children become cancer, it was decided to preparedness ”

That is around it has been out talking to a shelter about two years, I’m not going to go back for a while.

The mom who select the voluntary evacuation there is a strong feeling that “only yourself to protect the children.”.Fukushima aside, but are also those who ridicule the people “radiation brain” that West and radiation levels are escaping from almost the same area, if think the mother of feelings, is not supposed to be such as to laugh.

They are the definitely victim.It is It’s of course is a victim of TEPCO, but the government has neglected the risk communication to the public and, even in excess of the victims of those who stir up the “fear of radioactivity” for ideology and business.

also of nuclear test hundreds of times all over the world have been performed in the 1960s by the author was born.According to a survey of Foundation and Japan Chemical Analysis Center, contains a radioactive substance of 110 becquerels per 1kg on average in the 60s of powdered milk, vegetables and fish and meat was contaminated.However, it is not the fact that cancer in the same generation and wait more than 40 years has been an increase in.

One in two Japanese to develop cancer, it’s reality is death in one cancer in three.Even as a child was temporarily turned into cancer in several decades earlier, I would like to add that her mother is no reason to blame yourself.

※ SAPIO2012 year February 1 – 8 issue

Whether the arrears limit of mortgage is a many months

Since the mortgage also of course arrears at a constant rate occurs, financial institutions also make firm the management system.Then, the management system of delinquency is often the place where you are separated by overdue period.

Has most of the financial institutions, separated by three months (short-term arrears) and 6 months (long-term arrears).Up to 3 months to go to pick up an appointment over the phone, etc. to customers woman of call center is anyway overdue.Here is good if you can solve, but your projects and seem followed overdue more than three months unfortunately turn in the individual person in charge.

When of course come up here, further investigation enters for individual customers, will also be severely reminder.And it is more than six months, financial institutions side longer normal repayment return is that in severe, and I start thinking about the home of the auction, etc..Therefore, it is important to go to counseling when delinquencies that are likely to financial institutions you have anyway repayment early in the current.Delinquencies is also a fight against time.

The Tohoho reason Ryutaro Kamioka name has surfaced in Palm came was Ie-jin successor candidate

“Kansai viewership man” palm came was Ie-jin is announced that it is the initial of esophageal cancer, entered indefinitely rest.Meanwhile, broadcasting stations with a regular program hectic to understudy select.

“Anyway sudden too.Is it cancer is found is not a likely thing at the end of last year! To at least television station until mid-January it will be muscle want to leave tell confidential.This turned out to close companionship with gangsters, and’m with retired Shinsuke Shimada’s the entertainment industry “(The employees of Zyban key station)

Among such Qin Ie-jin successor candidate has been established as actively in sports newspapers and weekly magazines.Former Yomiuri TV commentator Makoto Kitano Popular free caster of Jirô Shimbô Mr. and Kansai region in, “Kansai Monta Mino” the Son and Seiji Miyane, and Ryutaro Kamioka, who blitz retired the entertainment industry for some reason in 2000 … ….It’s not very think Kamioka, who has the time to quit the policy is coming back to the table stage so easily, but indescribably Tohoho a sequel had been hidden in this rumor.

Certain weekly magazine reporter reveals the truth.

“Actually, if you have stretched the home apartment’s poet was in Osaka city, there’s Kamioka and looked like men appeared in the rough-looking, and I went to enter into.And came out from the apartment after several hours.To Ie-jin’s was had respected the Kamioka’s from a previous, friendship also deep.The reporter who witnessed the whole story than stood up to pinch “master of disciples?And I was “and excited about”

You say this story has led to immediately racing around in the industry “Kamioka return theory”, but emergency has occurred here.

After examining “well well, men who visited I was was a different person that very similar to Kamioka Mr..Selling two from age type, until hairstyle.All things …… in a place like this.That it is not even to mention the media all that had to have been discouraged place “(same)

Again, Kamioka Mr. field return’m 100% is unlikely.

※ The image “Takajin no Boo ~DVD-BOX THE Ga~o! LEGEND II” (Toho)

• In esophageal cancer with haunt gangsters to Ie-jin that came palm rest “black dating” theory
– “I wanted to really quit” Miyane-ya “?Back situation of “” Flynn illegitimate child “Seiji Miyane without your blame
· “Open a hole in the throat, by pressing the high fever ……” four characters late-Danshi Tatekawa has left to his disciples in Hitsudan

Deep idle actress active rumors? or retirement?

Once world by storm was idle and actress, whether current is also active, or do would not that you do not sleep to become to do … care had retired.

That is why, to introduce such a rumor.Below, is a person who limited only break.

First, the revival of finishing parenting, resurrected in the photograph collection of Kishin Shinoyama shooting, what in activities as actress, Mai Kitajima.Also another one, of the original and girls Corps Reiko Yasuhara, after raising children, but playing an active part as an active actress.On the other hand, St. Kojima before marriage, resurrected in Sex in film of nude photo book and movie “perfect breeding”, it seems to have then married.

Retirement? To, there are the following idle and actresses to modest is to have a.

First, (although there is a dozen years ago talking about …) campaign girl the was doing of Shincho Bunko, who have been long-awaited revival of idle of G · R is, than large?

“Leave her, through a divorce and marriage, but was revived and coming out with amazing topic of” systemic shaping “in early 2010, also blog update was stopped at the same end of the year.Greetings in the activities limited time, and than became a form of the?”(Entertainment writer)

It seems that liposuction other … but, there was impact as topic of souvenir of return.

In the same era, and that took the world as an absolute idol, A · Y.Looks is Do not he sell if Zunuke, and It was idle that was me feel ….There then, also time you’ve been to themselves willingly Class B idle.

“She is a failure of the ploy of office, has been to have missed the singer debut as a K family.The story is gone, assembled a band, it is like in singer activities so to speak become a freelance singer “(same)
The other,

“Even play a break in the drama, was renowned in the continuous scandal of super heavyweights such as the World of I, H · R.She, after nude photo book published, but now the topic by married sushi chef in the United States, speed divorce.Currently has remarried, it seems to be a retired state “(same)

Finally, the gravure idol was popular from the women M · J.
“In love scandal with actor, was actually Hosah, has been co-eyes” that (entertainment reporter).And she’s that was active until 2007, but announced you are in New Caledonia is currently married, and in his blog.

Former beauty of world is, greet a TV reporter in a big smile Become a tropical ….It’s a kind man for the “unfortunate pattern” But, do not the equivalent cute if M · J.

Cambodia Olympics committee waited to Olympic election of Hiroshi cat!

The ze no curving, Cambodia Olympics Committee! Representative election of London Olympics is talent and cats that would have become influential Hiroshi (34 = real name Takizaki Kuniaki), he Commission is multiplied by Matta.

Cat over the Olympic team right acquisition, February 5, participate in daily Oita Beppu Marathon, which was held under Oita Prefecture.While # 50, I recorded a good time of 2 hours 30 minutes 26 seconds to update the 2 hours 37 minutes 43 seconds personal best 7 minutes or more.

Tournament before, the Committee has been the reference of the job offer a record of more than last season best time 2 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds of the ’08 Beijing Olympics representative of Hem Bunting (26), the cat that was beyond its time for more than one minute shoo I seemed to.However, the Committee palm-back and even while “The updated personal best is good news but” and, “the Olympic team is expecting a record of about 2 hours and 25 minutes”.

If in order to participate in the Olympics it is necessary to clear the Olympics participation standard recording B (Marathon 2 hours 18 minutes 0 seconds), that any event of land in one of the countries and regions did not break the standard recording, men and women there is a special case that can be played in any of the events one by one.Cat eyeing this case, has been aimed at Olympics by changing to nationality.

Buntin of another one of the candidates Beijing Olympics representative.Last season the best is but 2 hours 31 minutes 58 seconds, there is a track record of creating a national record of 2 hours 25 minutes and 20 seconds in Laos in December 09.The Secretary-General for the two recorded as “no big difference” Comments.Buntin is currently practice in Kenya.Not plan to leave the race, waiting state.

Buntin ended in 76 people in 73 place in the marathon of the Beijing Olympics, but I also served as the standard-bearer of Cambodia athletes at the opening ceremony.Again, also glimpses intention of the committee that you want feed their own people than cat of Japanese to Olympics.According to the officials, it’s pattern that same committee in mid-March to early from late this month to determine the representative.Really, is overturned the inferior, how come true dream of cat of Olympics?
(Ichiro Ochiai)

Shooting at Darvish “Miho Koga VS Asuka Kirara” (1) every night, and disappeared in the same room

 Darvish became the single and sunny is, to finally rampage in the arena of major.That said, “competition” in the Japanese number one pitcher, not ended with Rangers containing.Mote man that courtship is not turned away, I wonder can such be limiting of the partners to one.
January 24, and attracted many of Nippon Ham fan in Sapporo Dome, opened the unusual Taidan conference, Yu Darvish (25), opened an anti-mouth.

“Once upon a time I do not want to go to the” major.That feeling that if you quit the baseball “also has been said about going has not changed much even now.”

 The major, it’s Monoi like at all or are not interested, but until it gets this day, no doubt it is was a ready.

Exactly January 19 you decide to contract with the Texas Rangers, hit lasted divorce to end well for a long time, from the fact that agreed to divorce with Saeko (25) also could see was for a new battle determination Yo.

Says acquaintance of Saeko.

“She well, had said she become a quarrel by parenting.Fight is to say Saeko is Ba~tsu, with the feeling that Dar is listening endlessly it, I was laughing to me “Do not apologize absolutely from his”.And to “the compatibility of the night of married life pat” told me, and I guess was where collapse ”

The divorce a problem that had been showing signs of mud swamp Yara when did, but the last to Ai celebrate both prospects, it seems is if they were amicably resolved.

Sports newspaper of entertainment desk to commentary.

The “without alimony, but has been said to be monthly child support was calm in the fact that two million yen weak, unceasing rumors and have been made distribution of property not in the name of alimony.In the future, promise not to reveal the negative information about Dal, Maybe you issued the amount of billion units, Maybe you change the Tokyo apartment of name to Saeko, it has been plausibly said ”

Bid gold, including, in only just when signed a huge contract that total about 8.2 billion yen, these story is probably ends up being circulated.However, there are grounds for the background information of it was adverse conditions in Darusaido flows.

It’s because I have raised many women scandal in Dar It was still married.

About 1 year ago and made last year in January, Dal in Miyazaki there is Saeko of home also fearless, at that time was carried out a joint Jishutore and Miho Koga was a professional golfer (29).

Although the Jishutore itself was with multiple entourage who, every night is dull and Koga, he manner in which disappear two people alone with the one room had been reports photo magazine “Friday”.

“Although the two sides since then has been denied the men and women of the relationship, even in this year in January that one year has elapsed since then, the sight of two people to Mutsumajiku Naka in Jishutore was reported.Masahiro Tanaka et al., Said that was Moi junior players of Dar, the already last year Koga that retired golfer was the unnatural itself that accompany the training “(supra-sports newspaper entertainment desk)

That even, “Women Seven” February 9 issue is, Dal who finished dating many as gauze Eiko and 5 hours of middle divorce consultation last June, had a whopping visited the home apartment Koga on its feet , and he reported the scoop site.

The Ya forego Saeko, picked up a taxi immediately Dal is orthogonal to the apartment of Koga.Still, whether on alert around the eye, for example, disappear in from Mimawa~tsu around the apartment, and told the vivid details.

But was suspected significantly the affair, if at that time, it can be said with the divorce of Dal is fully equipped situation that can be openly dating declaration as long as it is a now established.

Such folding, the term baseball officials, on the assumption that Koga is serious about dating and Dar, than is leaked these words.

“If may that there is Koga’s with that child, and ‥‥ I would be dangerous.”

Miku Natsume and return theory catch at full-NTV new program this year in April

Miku Natsume (27) is “laugh begins with Nippon TV from this spring! I’m buzzing with talk of being appointed to the Chair of Amekan “(Thursday 19:00).
Go boost the program in conjunction with the “comedy duo” Ameagari Kesshitai “.Ironically, after free-turned for Natsume, is likely to have its first Golden program in Sun Tele of a full “(production stakeholders)

This year, it’s the most afraid we were situation for Fuji TV burning to “annual audience rating 3 gold medals” Abduction.It is because one of the strategies that undermine the Variety drama both top form day Tele was “Women’s Ana”.
Now that “Natsume and Yukari Nishio has left the station, NTV girls Ana layer is thin.Noticeable women Ana enough Hayama Helene.One of Fuji Women’s Ana kingdom.It was formulating the organization plan to push the girls Ana on the whole surface.Come and by casting the Natsume there … “(Fuji organization officials)

Fuji officials is not impossible even to speechless.Speaking of Natsume, and because boast the popularity of top class among the free announcer.
“” Matsuko & Ariyoshi of anger new party of late-night program When I just became a free “The Assistant (TV Asahi) only.However, this program I recorded the audience of 6% level despite the midnight.Last year was promoted to the 23 o’clock in October, the program average audience rating of 8% ahead.When to say I beating out two-digit.Recently also focused on her popular TBS, had issued a starring request “(key stations organized Man)

TV world such a summer eyes is he is referred to as the “uncrowned queen”.
The “meaning that the break even 10 or more regular program if not a dream.Although regular program what little, is one of the few genuine free Ana has a viewing rate “(broadcast writer)

However, the tricky is it casting of Natsume.It’s a mean feat just take her and appointment that does not belong to the entertainment professional.In that secret a privileged environment.
“Internet companies that father was founded” e-Guardian “is two years ago listed, stock prices soared.Natsume holds 24,000 shares, assets are at least 100 million yen or more.There is no need to work in a hurry, I do not receive only favorite work “(insider)

This time, the reason that Natsume has received an offer of NTV also really seems she.
And dried the work in “Example condom photo scandal, former director and director of the announcement section was induced to leave the company had been relegated along with the death of Ujiie chairman.This time, the maker of the new program that was offered to Natsume Natsume and was good synchronization of relationship.What you do not there NTV and synchronization uranium grudge against boss.NTV is so also are offered also specials moderator of the New Year’s holiday Natsume early “(same)

Women’s Ana community also an inch ahead is darkness.

Honda re-start to leap at the confluence … league and CL camp of CSKA

Keisuke Honda of Japan representative MF that belong to CSKA Moscow, joined the club of training camp.Have reported Russian paper “Sport Express”.

Honda arrival with a personal trainer to camp of Marbella.That plans to join the practice from the 6th.

Honda move to Lazio has been reported that it concentrates in January of the transfer market.However, Tsukazu is compromise club negotiations, the offer of Lazio is 13 million euros, which was presented (about 1.3 billion yen) CSKA rejected.After Transfers market closing I had evolved into an unusual situation that Lazio is to publish an offer to CSKA on Honda acquired in the official HP.

It’s Honda, which is said to have been reached agreement with Lazio Transfers, but relaunching towards the leap of the season and Champions League in Russia.

[Photo] = Getty Images

Lazio is unusual announcement & hellip; published in the official HP an offer made to the Honda acquisition
Deny CSKA, an offer from Lazio for Keisuke Honda
CSKA executive, stated the agreement between Honda and Lazio & hellip; focus on the transfer fee negotiations one point
Japan representative hallmark trainers to Lazio Transfers of Honda “the best player in Japan.”
Syria against some of the miscalculation was defeated folds, above all of miscalculation is mentality