“Mobile game during the game,” Oka-chan led the Chinese team to scandalous reality

The 18th, Takeshi Okada, former Japan coach led the Chinese Super League Hangzhou Midori-jo and Korean practice game of the giants · FC Seoul has been done in Kagoshima Kirishima.The match in 45 minutes × 3 pieces of format, Hangzhou Midori-jo the defeat of 0-5 in total.But it became a problem to more than match results, was the name of the players of professionalism.

According to the place where Nikkan Sports reported, players commemorative photo with a pitch outside despite just before the match begins.Moreover, also referred to as players that do not appear in the game had Kyoji the portable game anteroom.Of course, in the top league of these actions is the world far from the J-League is big no-no.Can become even in punishment subject, it can be said that it is missing act of professionalism.

To this news, you want to think that it is not in the “this mood was the’m probably a w when came Japan Zico”, “during the match …,” “expected, official game” Do’s dismissal without put out when absorbing result “from Japan of soccer fan “” Do not it the team fake?There were numerous voices were amazed with. “

Good faith of folly as “nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center”

It does not proceed incident handling of nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center.According to the February 17 Mainichi Shimbun, one of 5 complaint number 948 until February 15 from accepting the start of September, it’s 5, in other words 0.5% was resolved.Article, as the cause of the delay, “In the previous procedures, while the passive attitude of TEPCO side stood out, not forced to become cautious center side of the situation to lead to the reconciliation in the unprecedented nuclear accident It has cited “.Whether there is any reason, this center, as the relief organization for nuclear accident victims, inevitably stigma of disqualification.
 I think it’s really stupid.When viewed from at least a lawyer’s perspective, too much of stupidity, there is no word.
 I immediately after the nuclear accident, toward the great’s of Japan Federation of Bar Associations, but continued to say “buy the computer with 100 million yen” were ignored.The person with the damages claims against TEPCO, reach several hundreds of thousand people even look less.If this people can fire a lawsuit individually, it’s an emergency you do not catch up even if another built the giant Tokyo District Court of government buildings.So Japan Federation of Bar Associations, in cooperation with the court, the plaintiff more than several hundreds of thousand people are classified into a plurality of groups, there was a responsibility to smoothly manage the litigation.There is a need to buy an expensive computer for the.That basis, in all cases, the best of lawyers and legal experts, nuclear power and was charged a scholar of world-class safety engineering, as early as possible, to determine the presence and extent of cause-and-effect relationship of TEPCO’s negligence he.We need huge cost, but Utsunomiya chairman following lawyer from 2011 spring to the streets of the Kanto and southern Tohoku summer Standing, by performing a litigation support gold of fundraising activities for the Tokyo Electric Power Company, several hundreds of million yen or more of gold, had that It would have gathered between.
 Again, my suggestion was completely ignored.That the place JFBA have said, it was the establishment of nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center.
 In addition to trial, in itself be provided with a relief agency that purport quickly, I also not the opposite.If analogy, it’s the relationship of the traffic accident litigation and liability insurance.Since the lawsuit takes absolutely time, it is important from the point of view of the victims to leave the immediate support to extra-judicial institution.
 In this case, the most serious mission imposed on the relief agency’s quickness.To put it plainly, about the damage content is a victim, pay cash if there is a prima facie case, after, if the record whether anyone how much paid for in, so it is sufficient.If there is a shortage, it is sufficient to resolve in court.Is carried out in the final resolution is only court subject of dispute, it will thing called rule of law.
 But, the officials and lawyers had made, was the dense and careful Dispute Settlement Body, such as the court.As a result, it is 0.5% of resolution rate stood at six months.As a result of making a dense system, victims became perfunctory.It is ironic that it was ridiculous.Officials, but dare might be trying to narrow the relief range (Well anyway Come, the purpose and means are consistent) Mai, a lawyer is the case.If that is so, a lawyer involved in the nuclear damages Dispute Resolution Center establishment stupid.It is terribly stupid.Moreover, it is not unmanageable Because it is folly that is based on good faith.
 If you say it without fear of misleading, this time of the nuclear accident, judicial ie court and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, expressed as a percentage of known its existence to the people, was probably the last chance.And the court of the waist, stupidity of Nichibenren executives, is the before one’s eyes missed this chance.

First goal of Lee after Transfers “happy to Ae share the joy of the goal and the victory at home.”

England Championship (2 parts) is performed on the 18th, Southampton to play against Derby at home win 4-0.When Japan representative FW Tadanari Lee to compete the way from the start of the second half, 75 minutes and was greeted with 3-0, and punching pretend to exciting the left foot, gave the first goal after Transfers.

Lee is after the game, the first goal of joy in his official blog to express as follows:.

and “ze did it! I decided amazing shoot”

“The goal really was good to be able to wear the start in the form of”

“More than anything, it was met share the joy of victory and the goal along with the home stadium of Saint Mary stadium in player Staff many supporters was happy to highest”

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Certainly a step that first goal, Ryo Miya-shi talks about the challenge
Italian paper, Nagatomo rigorous evaluation “ran everyone than to over offense and defense, for what?”
Middle participation of Lee’s first post-Transfers goal & hellip; contribute to the victory of Southampton
VVV Yoshida, this season the third point in the go-ahead goal & hellip; 4 shot victory Away’s first victory in
Speculation of shock return of Scholes brings the “three benefits” Ferguson

Who is new caster Chiaki Horan of NTV “NEWS ZERO”?

NTV night of signboard news program “NEWS ZERO” in Irish father of, mother that appear as caster from April 2nd Half of beauty Horan Chiaki Japanese was reported in some.

According to such profile, 160 centimeters tall in the current 23-year-old, feats and English cuisine.It was her debut at the age of 15, to broadcast squadron series “Mahou Sentai Magiranger” in TV Asahi, also in the movie version of the same year published appeared in ’05 it was 16-year-old.’09 To Nana Eikura starring Fuji TV drama “Mei-chan Butler”, last year it had appeared in the drama “The Sun Also Rises” TV Asahi of Koichi starring Sato, is not fly without languished as actress.

While talent activities, study abroad for one year to US Oregon State University in Aoyamagakuindai Faculty of Letters Department of English and American Literature student.I challenged the announcer test, including the agency, but can not pass, and is now served Monday caster at midnight of financial and economic news of the TBS “Business click”, but there is no name recognition of national constituency still.

“Horan is currently belong to the leading entertainment professional Southern All Stars and Fukuyama Masaharu belongs.Fukuyama is singing the ending theme of the show, he was the day of the week caster actress of Itaya Yuka before maternity leave who belong in the regular, appeared in occasional still.Since the office is a big success in the music and actors and actresses industries also expanding in earnest caster industry, it seems was fed the same program with thick pipe “(TV officials)

Because, as recent trend of major professional and stand out that have put “development and the excavation of the child actor, almost force on sale of young women caster has become a” one win “of certain free Ana office and because he “(up), degree of attention to Horan appointed’s high likely.

[Africa departure! Breaking News] genocide! Chinese arrest you had eaten on a daily basis valuable turtle.(Zimbabwe)

Four Chinese were arrested in Zimbabwe.They eat a turtle that is specified in the endangered species in a daily basis, he even was selling the meat.

South African Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is, February 16, for Chinese four men had killed 40 animals a turtle of endangered species, has announced that it has been arrested for Abuse Prevention Law violation.This turtle is called the Beruseoregame, recently populations has been designated as an endangered species in order to have plummeted.When police searched the 40 turtles of debris into the house, 13 animals living turtle, and there was a turtle meat.Apparently, it seems to have been put on the table on a daily basis the Beruseoregame.

It was first arrested in Chinese community living in Zimbabwe.Arrested after people who live in this village, four people were arrested testified that it was selling the turtle in Chinese.In addition, it was placed in a boiling water in order to sell the turtle meat, are also witnesses that had been removed the shell.According to the police investigation, four arrested and put in a large amount of turtle in one drum 2, example is also also found that had been kept do not give even water.

The Chinese colleagues have illegal immigration in Zimbabwe, it was working without a work visa in a small mining areas that Bikita away from the capital Harare about 300 km.

Currently, Chinese companies in Zimbabwe of the construction industry, has been one after another foray to mine relationship.Some Therefore, in the area where the Chinese community is increasing, snakes and edible frog, also reports from villagers that there are Chinese that sells such as dogs.In Zimbabwe authorities, and “it to act on the basis of Zimbabwe of Conduct” for the Chinese living in Zimbabwe, “you do not buy or sell non-traditional food” for such mining area to live many Chinese as it warned to have.
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Is this in the good?Are increasing in Japan of “incompetence” employees in Shanghai

February 15, 2012, 蒋豊 Hana shaped paper-Japan new Chinese report (Jiang phone) Editor-in-Chief was published an article entitled “of Japan to work in Shanghai” 3F “employees give revelation” in Chinese blog site.The following is the content.

[Other photos of]

From China started to reform and opening, the Shanghai many Japanese companies have moved.At the time of Japanese employees who anyway diligence.Many Chinese to see the first time in their work, I marveled as “Japanese amazing a serious”.However, in recent years seems to have caused a change in the quality of these Japanese.According to the Japanese business magazine, just say Japanese, “Education”, “expertise”, “language skills” is likely to exist “3F” position of unquestioned.

Japanese companies Why, such bother or adopted want the human resources?First is “village culture” of Japanese companies can be said to be in the background.Territorial, while to unite in the care of relatives, strangers will be eliminated.Since many of the Japanese companies do not try to change the “village culture” that term is also coming to Shanghai, even if it is adopted to managers of Japanese employees in “3F”, welcomed the company of the central is Chinese employees even matter how excellent do not have.

In education society Japan, extremely difficult to of these “3F” we find employment in well-known companies.In short, work in Shanghai many “3F” is a man who employment is not found in Japan.In Shanghai Just because they give a sense of security to the customer, it is possible to get a decent position.Just one, you want to the vitality that comes doing across the sea applaud.

But, the large negative impact that they “3F” gives to Shanghai of Japanese companies.Though higher than their salary Chinese employees, and not hold a candle in the ability.While facing these sense of unfairness and anger, not a few Chinese employees will quit that.And will be adversely affected to the development companies in this.

Shanghai of Japanese companies are also showing movement to withdraw from the Chinese market because of the “rapid rise in the minimum wage of Chinese employees”, but first it will should be reviewed from a waste of these personnel expenses.Sight Kikasu the “3F” employees width has become a Japanese company unique landscape.It can not be said whether whether is unconditionally bad good, but it is certain that it is in the other hand teachers for Chinese companies.(Translation and editing / NN)

● 蒋豊 (Jiang phone)
Engage in media work over more than 25 years.Boasts an annual circulation 3.24 million copies in 1999 launched Chinese paper-Japan new overseas Chinese Journal Editor-in-Chief of Japan.

※ This article is one that was published with the author’s consent.

Somehow such mood – inductively implied [Correction! Thinking]

Approaching the trap of fall often thinking “improvement! Thinking”.This time, I pick up the “inductive implied”.

– It is a problem

What is the following A’s problem.

Mr. A was reading a fashion magazine.Has the following problems in the quiz corner.

“It is a mental exercise.For each problem, please create a simple sentence using the word that has been presented.

Question 1. autumn body fat appetite
Question 2. gold ax and silver Yonekura ax Norika Fujiwara Ryoko of
The length of the magnitude face questions 3. Height foot
Question 4. Heian Period Edo Period beauty Urizanegao
Question 5. High Heels gaze male
Question 6. protein sugar accumulation 3cm
Conspicuous question 7. fishnet stairs
Question 8. natto tofu apple
Question 9. active oxygen skin makeup of glue
Question 10. student Tsumamigui night ”

Mr. A Once you’ve done this problem, was stopped an eye on beauty advertising on the next page.”Kana Let’s start that he also said something beauty …”

Answer is here

■ Articles
– Get out of predicament “way of looking at things.”
To enable the idea of ​​reverse • “way of looking at things.”
· I wish is similar to their own – Similar’s preference [Correction! Thinking]
· To break the status quo as the “way of looking at things” is?
· Successful OK if Manele the people are?- Thoughtless imitation [Correction! Thinking]

“Is bad all Aniki” shock untold story in Kamedao is Takeshi defeated world war

December last year, was held at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, in boxing · WBA world double title match, even while fighting in Daiki Kameda home, became a result of losing to Tepparith Singwancha in the judgment.

But, that its on the back of the world war, there was a shock untold story by Kameda brothers.In NTV “Downtown DX” (the 16th minute broadcast), Koki Kameda & DaiAtsushi is a guest appearance, I revealed the episode.

And entitled “Why DaiAtsushi was negative”, Koki you back the same game is not Defend strategy that had been erected originally to be too hot, for DaiAtsushi that throughout the in fisticuffs, It is too becomes a “direction.Think strategy from before the game, I would have won absolutely if doing to the street.Opponent favorite style, because there hate style.Also Hen me heard anything of what you say.Every round, he said the candid advice and also say “many times each time you come back every round.

Also, on the second round was flushed with large amounts of nosebleed in the Go Cat gym punch DaiAtsushi.Do nosebleed is painful become handy to breathing during the game only, even bad impression to the judge to make a decision.Again Koki is “one, because I did a good game, minus point’m’m a nosebleed” Ya multiplying says, Masatoshi downtown Hamada show host is referred to as a “Yaro do you have bad”, what Koki the finger he was pointing.

The ambient guests show the confusion in this action, Hamada “(childhood, Koki is a DaiAtsushi) past bullying nosebleed has become easier out” is revealed the fact of shock that, DaiAtsushi also “I long time ago, and because you bashed, me.And confess that the nose becomes weak due’m out another immediately nosebleed even Toka sparring “is a structure that said fatal to boxer.Guest of Akira Nakao also nodded as “all Na’m bad Aniki”.
Kameda brothers W championship also held, one after another severe criticism in the national anthem of misono and Hashimoto new mayor
Kameda to Xing, “is Honma boast of boyfriend” she love letter of similar Ayaka
– Masato “people of the viewers are also I thought Na has changed DaiAtsushi you”

To the catastrophe was Hasegawa Rie ex-boyfriend Junichi Ishida and Masaki Kanda and “stinking”

February 14, Rie Hasegawa announced in a blog and was catastrophe and Masaki Kanda in dating (61) (38).Marriage It was close and Futari which had been reported as well, dream of marriage Hasegawa did not fulfill.

Hasegawa, ever SAM (50) and Saijo Hideki (56) et al., Ultra-Mote woman that does not constantly rumors of love from older men to younger surfers and wrapper.So her love view is, was something referred to as “fit to me if you like me.”.As little consisting envy is an interview, sometimes where the talk like.

Men who have dating is just people like us to hear all say “crawl” that say Hasegawa.So while I think “Do my me asshole”, Hasegawa, selfishness has been vigorously become such a love more and more with ──.

Indeed, even when in company with famous too ex-boyfriend, Junichi Ishida (58 years old), is that it was expelled from the main bedroom to say even though had been living together “smell”, “Atchiike”.

For Hasegawa referred to as “cream puff want to eat”, Ishida that lined the popular shop, when that did not buy it sold out in three days in a row, there was also that it has Naji~tsu that “whether there motivated!”.That even emergency Ishida is divorced, when it began to press for marriage to Hasegawa, was well also had a outright disgusting look.

But Kanda, the successive men of Hasegawa was different is how.

I was seemed to be always from her for that “want to see” “, I it was a well that is not me Kanda’s to say that the” I want “is met.And though not a job, like there was also when it is stated in the reasons Tteyuu because want to be alone.Such love, was the first thing for Rie-chan “(Hasegawa acquaintance)

Or from usual of liberty is different thing was fresh, more of Hasegawa went devoted more and more to Kanda.What in the This I will be chasing the opponent?While holding a feeling that ….I had to change this to love stance also.I was talking terms in an interview.

<"Let's align to the other party" and to me the thought from his own, it is embarrassing, but this is the first time>

※ women Seven 2012 March 1 issue

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] How can you get “air guitar? “AKB of new song” GIVE ME FIVE! “About the band playing Ota light bold statement of.

The new song “GIVE ME FIVE!” Of AKB48, TV “good laugh! Members of Rino Sashihara was introduced in “.In that case to hear the same song with the band playing, of laughter problems co-star Ota light “air guitar?He Sasuhara there was a rush was one act for which it was asked “.

Music by AKB’s first band playing “GIVE ME FIVE!” Has been released on February 15.Of this day “good laugh! In “, the theme of the corner” If $ Photos collection of dream “is has been a the AKB entanglement” When Haruna Kojima Ppoku shemale “.

When the photo the guest of male entertainer was transvestite to Haruna Kojima air is introduced, there than is the same song was also flows through the there is a character BGM of “GIVE ME FIVE!”.

Rino Sashihara of Wednesday regular, when notice it “Oh! This” GIVE ME FIVE! “I have a sale today.I began to thank you “and propaganda.She continues to be “so we band also doing”, co-star who also because showed interest “I’ve been doing musical instrument!” And than is tried to explain the.

But at that time, probably of laughter problem Ota light “air guitar?Since rammed “said Sasuhara also not a hastily” air, and he was repeatedly claimed by impatient as the air’m not !! think you’re doing just fine. “.

Sasuhara then, “because there is a trombone experience, do I have crunchy” about their instrument parts and talk, than is was me somehow know that you are doing a band playing on the actual.

Speaking of AKB48, but until now also “mouth Park suspicion” has become a hot topic, also be heard more than a little voice that was “the first time against” where it was showcased on television the band playing now.Seems impatient to “air guitar” remark at Rino Sashihara also such a situation.Do her but could be explained smoothly by was trombone experience, not for example was struggling I were Tomomi Itano of shaker responsible.

So far even several times a television program, how the AKB members were struggling to instrument practice towards the band formation have been introduced.Also in order not to waste it, I should step on the Bakazu by increasing the opportunity to play live in theaters and events.

New song “GIVE ME FIVE!” Has shown the sales of more than 96 million copies in the first day, Million achieved no doubt.Should want to listen to the same song Soredakeni many fans in the band playing live.
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