I’m taking off “We tonight AKB48.Nyi Fun “

Because of the publicity of the “Best Hit Song Festival 2011” to be broadcast on NTV (November 24, 2011) from 19:00 this evening, about seven members of AKB48 appeared in the relay.AKB to appear in the same festival KARA, with such EXILE is, was do a rehearsal in the Kobe World Hall of venue.

The special effect of this “Best Hit Song Festival 2011”, he appears to be a variety of attractions, but a “special effect” of AKB48 has been touted among other things.

“It got to show off a special medley, but we take off … among them!” (Maeda Atsuko).Everyone align the voice at the location of “We take off”.

“Nandato!”.Terry Ito studio has lifted up the voice.”Everything?And “, and Kentaro Motomura lawyer.Terry was imminent persistently to be “!’m Off how much,” but, “is not it everything” and “knee enjoy” it or “not say from morning”, and was signed.

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