Clearly, “Japan friendly” “China unfriendly” -SP Hana shaped paper a survey of young people in Taiwan “pro-Japanese being disgusting”

November 24, 2011, in Japan, “a friendly country the most” was found that in China “country unfriendly most” for the young people of Taiwan.Singapore flower-shaped paper, Yonhap early report was transmitted as news paper, Taiwan China Times (electronic version).Following its contents.

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It was revealed in the survey that social welfare organizations of Taiwan “gold car Education Foundation” was conducted in a high school, college students.According to it, for the country “most unfriendly to Taiwan”, 87.9% of respondents with “China”.In “a friendly country most in Taiwan”, 56.1% replied with “Japan” on the other.Of young people of Taiwan “pro-Japanese being disgusting” the first time became the relief.

Resentment from the historical Chinese nearly all from “anti-Japanese”.Anti-Japanese education has been subjected to authoritarian political era Taiwan, China and Taiwan were consistent in terms of “hostile to Japan” even while there is civil war in state.However, Taiwan is democracy, “Taiwanese consciousness” is coming increasingly, hostility to Japan faded, the Japanese began to change to a good friend for them.

Young people of Taiwan has been that it is “a friendly country most” Japan, but Japan is not always friendly to Taiwan actually.It’s shows the “friendly against Japan Taiwanese” simply the result of the questionnaire survey.Taiwanese “pro-Japanese” the first time is needless to say that after all these years.I well understood from the fact that the amount of donations was a gift from the private sector of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Taiwan was the world’s most.

I said that awareness of Japan China and Taiwan that’s completely opposite of.China is not bitterly difference to believe “were swapped allies and foes” these actions of Taiwan.But, in the kinship of “Dobun same kind” to China and Taiwan.I think for the people of mainland China should special even people who are strong “Taiwanese consciousness” no matter how.

Donations from Taiwan at the time of the Sichuan earthquake was also the world largest still to prove it.China and Taiwan is of a relationship to help each other as brothers when the going gets tough.However, the Chinese Communist Party’s just antagonize it is a tool of politics “Chihamizuyorimokoi”, even Engaging Our “unified”.If it is not revised as soon as possible policy toward Taiwan has not had such a popular mind, Cross-strait relations will go increasingly estranged.(Translation and editing / NN)