Or rival of Mao-chan To~ukutamishewa of Russia?Commentator twain

To Mao Asada to compete in figure skating GP final for the first time in three years, a new rival appeared! Rising star of Russia of 14-year-old, but Eliza beta To~ukutamishewa players.Won two races from the GP series debut.It’s that feat Kim Yuna and Asada also was not achieved.

It is not a fart “Anna Katsuya Makoto彦.For Mao Asada “I is two forces, the commentator says Arekore as coach or guardian though often.Katsuya Makoto彦 of figure skating enthusiasts also’m alone in the blue vein Kowamote commentator.Too much to doting Mao-chan, he did not ceased to grass rival.Of this “(GP win again?Was discarded by cutting) is neither a fart, it is always possible weight because light “when I say (Elisabeta) Well this person”, etc. “I is two Army.

The amused comments Katsuya more of Terry Ito sounding commentator in sports communication is – let alone, was likely unpleasant as “no such thing”.Rotation “Eliza beta (jump?) Is high.Do not Ika judge calmly.It had sent advice and “not thin You had better thought Asada, other than the triple axel, the strategy is the following I thought might be good.

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■ photo gallery Eliza beta To~ukutamishewa