“Cats and dogs” ultimate quarrel wide entertainment industry (1)

Showbiz scraping the surpass in popularity and talent is just relationship lock horns.& Ldquo; fire fight with Hana & rdquo of Edo;.The minute to look at from Haneda, no spectacle to Bubbly about this.Now Cat Fight ‥‥ Gachibatoru super heavyweights, infighting of a prominent family, Actress, Female Announcer us, gong echoing!
Super heavyweights Gachibatoru

Blatant aversion to Ainote of! “Sure” Matsumoto Hitoshi Matsumoto VS Tamori

Son of Shimada Shinsuke VS Otake Makoto Otake was the manager of Tokyo 03

Big name entertainers who ability and popularity to antagonize what, burning endlessly Battle and catch fire.Shook the entertainment industry “3 large Battle” This is it!
Matsumoto Hitoshi (48) “good laugh” of (Fuji TV) & ldquo 6 month “This year, for the first time in four years;! Telephone Shocking & rdquo; When who appeared in, settled and (66) Tamori anymore I think, wonder if “(entertainment reporter)

It’s appearance since 2007, but in fact nearly 10 years ago, downtown had regular appearances on “good laugh! Special edition”.Matsumoto that had been wondering about the partition of the audience of Tamori from that time.Entertainment reporter de talks before.

In his book “suicide note”, themselves even though the blur great pains to “Matsumoto, you wrote that hate to become confusing the audience clamoring more than necessary, that, quit!” Sure “.I’ll take it also has accused the poor of the partition of the Tamori ”

In fact, even this comment from officials.

“When Mr. Tamori struck Ainote in high spirits and the audience, there was often that (Matsumoto) to face unpleasant blatantly.Tamori-san seems to have guessed the attitude of such his “(program officials)

Not openly, but co-stars in, it seems there was a feud between the two and not a little.Program knocked after, Matsumoto I have commented “Tamori-san I think we did not like so much of yourself to enter the (included) barely always” and to support it.Had been raised in turn plugs and cinema Tamori in appearances in June, but it is a fishy whether has been eliminated ill in fact.

Kataya Matsumoto, there is also that it has sparked a dispute in a position to be chased.

Dry each other talk and downtown laughter problem of selling.Tsutoppu this is & ldquo one o’clock in the industry; fell into a situation of; played NG & rdquo.The reason was the criticism of the Matsumoto laughter problem Ota light (46).

Look Matsumoto is wearing a wear Adidas in “co-star program, Ota I was derided as” any billboard of “Adidas.Matsumoto was angry in earnest, but the talent of the other enters the arbitration, the place was settled once “(station officials)

There is followed by a talk.Another party talks.

“A few days later, Matsumoto visited the source of Ota with someone in tow entourage, and which way you can either” prostrate, or be beaten with a pipe chair! “It ‘s become crowded sea lions.Ota seems to have apologized with prostrate to fit the place “(photo magazine reporter)

Of course, this uproar was spread in an instant in the industry.

“; Ofure & rdquo; & ldquo and that so as not to co-star both some time on television stations was around” (production company officials)

It’s Ota, which is known in the bullish statement from the usual, but the first place is downtown and laughter problem, for laughter & ldquo; attitude & rdquo; that completely different.

Thought for the comedy is totally different and laughter problem to take a laugh at, in downtown Mastering laugh at tsukkomi and blur unique; dry remark & ​​rdquo you do not read the air; & ldquo dare “.Not engage and be allowed to co-starring the two sets is of course “(Comedy critic)

No wonder even become a battle aesthetics of comedy if the disagree.

And & ldquo; this person Speaking; big game & rdquo.It’s Otake Makoto (62) dating of the yakuza becomes clear, it has had to bite Shimada Shinsuke (55), which was retired from the entertainment industry itself.

“Otake it was a jury of Shinsuke moderator” M-1 Grand Prix “of (Asahi Broadcasting system) but I have knocked the middle.It notch Ken Shinsuke has threatened the comedy trio, Tokyo 03 of ’09 “All-Star Thanksgiving” in the (TBS system).Son of Otake has had served as manager of the Tokyo 03.Shinsuke I was allowed to prostrate to son.Otake and rage! “Will overkill”.

I mean that was knocked in the middle sense to protest against Shinsuke “(program officials)

Since then, both he began to conflict, but a surprising person was bought out arbitration.

Relationship of 20 years and Otake “Beat Takeshi (64).Takeshi had prompted the reflection to say irony directly to the person Shinsuke.It not only condemned occasionally excessive behavior of Shinsuke also on the show, entertainer who was a victim of Shinsuke each time’m seems to have applauded the Takeshi “(office parties)

Also, Takeshi criticize biting the Shinsuke that did not cut the edges of the Yakuza.

“We do well to escape the sort of thing as the talent of the person & ldquo; tricks & rdquo; Of the ‘s are you saying I, & ldquo is Shinsuke; did not have; tricks & rdquo”

I have commented.Shinsuke It was Hodai you want to do also, seems to have no match for mogul comedy world.