[Entertainment vitamin ♪] The “do not suspect that Taningoto”.Sora Aoi is called for “prevention and condoms in the inspection” to World AIDS Day.

Sora Aoi Actress, talent has been warning about the “thinness of the consciousness of the Japanese against AIDS” per the “World AIDS Day” on December 1.Her words says, “because I’m occupations related to sex,” said’m content that reaches the heart frank.

Events related to “World AIDS Day” on December 1 has been held in various places, but have been planning every year “RED RIBBON LIVE”‘s also the one.Sora Aoi also participate every year in the same planning a radio DJ, Yamamoto week serve the general producer.It has also appeared on “HIV / AIDS course for the first time of RED RIBBON Sora Aoi,” which is distributed by Nico Nico Douga from August this year, she plays a big role.

In “SOLA pattern of today” blog, that Sora Aoi is impressive is what has called on readers titled “AIDS Day” on December 1.

I have a possibility to people who have experience of SEX in “once she?You are told that you can check anonymous, free health centers with “, when speaking of the importance of that to the test.

Also suing the importance of using a condom “AIDS of a preventable diseases,” said the man to cool to put a rubber or not said to be “What.And I have spelled I think “please take a lovely lady that it can be said properly attached from their own.

The “not a Yarima to do”, to express that I think Taningoto as “to not Toka Saffle” is dangerous, Sora Aoi seems to be worded a direct dare.I hope and want to have the consciousness to young people about the infection of “HIV / AIDS” is she, the seriousness comes through.

It’s relief, the thinness of the consciousness of the “Japanese individual is that” HIV / AIDS is I’re continue increasing every year, only Japan in developed countries “and it is’re keenly aware she is involved in this effort and I have even a sense of crisis! “‘m conscious of.

Voice of Sora Aoi appeal as “Come prevention inspection and condoms” wants to reach many alone.
“HIV / AIDS course for the first time of RED RIBBON Sora Aoi”: http: //www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1313500958
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