Kimutaku TBS of large moss of “Antarctica” starring in so-what attitude, “Well, I’m not ginger,” said!?

Episode 8 was broadcast on the 30th “Kaseifunomita” (Japan TV system) and to record 29.6% average audience rating (examined Video Research, the Kanto District / less), in the TV drama industry strong quarter I met, is in the form that was left behind alone “Antarctica” (TBS system).Latest story of the 27th and also 13.4 percent, and they’ve become content with poor cost performance is very TBS as you place a 2 billion yen in production costs.

Etc. increase the exposure of the Aina Ashida-chan “child actor, I went to the strategy, which is not acceptable Narifuri but, TBS officer was not able to stem the viewer ratings slump.Breakthrough? It is not for now.Tear one’s hair in that Kimutaku starring, it does not go to say that one episode cut to a …… “.

Johnny’s side that more than 20%, it was merry was poured into media patronized the joy comments Kimutaku himself “first broadcast, but another party is also as far as embarrassing to do now.Smash hit drama “JIN- Jin -” producer in the same person (TBS system), was good as was promised executives future this drama even if caused to hit, but the success, let alone other departments in this situation speak with “I might be skipped in.

On the other hand, Kimutaku person you think “viewing rate myth” has collapsed, and of whether they received a large shock, that they are a Akkerakan surprisingly.

In terms of stay in touch, Toka’m a Taningoto “Well, and” I’m not ginger also strict status quo and Kagawa Teruyuki, who co-starred in “drama.Rather, photography is finished, It is said that a big climax to the story harsh story location and natural blur of Ayase Haruka’s heroine.I do not have to say other choice but to have defiant attitude “(Drama parties)

Many years, precisely because Kimutaku reign at the top of the entertainment industry of Japan, it may be that familiar with the action to be taken at the time of the failure, but …….

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