= Removal from Jilin department “drinking problem” received poisoning death six million bottles

Up to 2 days, Jilin Food Safety Commission valve Oyake-shitsu revealed that it received that the poisoning incident that one deaths occurred, were removed from the sales floor “drinking problem” 6 million bottles.Chugoku Shimbun has reported.

The 28th, mother and child who drank strawberry milk flavored drink Coca-Cola Changchun to sell “Vigil source berries 〓 excellent” showed symptoms of poisoning in the ministry Changchun city, the child died.Mother is getting better, consciousness that began to clear on December 2.(The 〓 the strange woman “Ayano”)

Doctor who hit the treatment diagnosed with poisoning by organophosphorus.Announced police analyze the leftover beverages, insecticide component is detected.However Changchun Health Service and announce “organic phosphorus component has not been detected,” said information are confused.

Changchun City, the provincial capital of the authorities to investigate all food and beverage outlets and dealers, were removed from the sales floor “product of the problems that are alleged to have” all.It took similar measures other, and also investigated 400 hotels hotels.Same drink that was removed that about 60 000 lines in total.

There is information poisoning patients and came out even before the two mothers and children show symptoms of poisoning, but where the health authorities were investigating the 309 places medical institutions, showed symptoms of poisoning in connection with the same drink 28 after November people was that not out.

In elementary and junior high schools the whole school in the city, and called attention to explain the same case to the student.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)