Since came to Pyongyang (Pyongyang) much trouble, and I went to the cabaret of North Korea

“This opportunity is not again”, and to participate in the Japan national football team cheer tour, there are lack of money writer “Well only that, but! Boring”, and was dared memories making of reckless journey.And challenged by the Hatay 300,000 yen tour expenses, North Korea tour of 4 days and 3 nights “winding of the night”.Then I saw, and surprising the back of the North Korea?

* *

■ was the Ika brought suspicious Chinese restaurant

Author who visited North Korea in watching the third-order qualifying soccer W Cup Asia, heard the rumor that you do not miss to hear.Pyongyang (Pyongyang), it’s that …… there is a cabaret club that can play with beauty of “joy set” class.If you ask the tour guide of local, even while acknowledged its existence, it does not let him visit as “collective action because this time”.The Japanese tourists line who visited North Korea, he was forbidden all the individual behavior.It was not to go to the cabaret, can only persuade the guide.

third day to ask, night stay in Pyongyang last.Is called a guide to his room in the hotel, and pleaded with prostrate sudden.Gentle voice is heard from the top of my head that you gave to the cold floor.

Please raise the “head.I know the feeling.But, it is high ”

To hear, it takes a minimum of 30,000 yen in Japanese Yen.Given the price of North Korea, it’s worth 300,000 yen equivalent.Because a little over budget, was scout Mr. H of tourists as “personnel Dutch treat” (27-year-old virgin).

November 16, 23:00.10 minutes that you run the Pyongyang city taxi topped the guide and we were silent, and stops in the city park an empty.Apparently there are two hotels are foreigners-only cabaret in Pyongyang, but the first one stores were holiday.It was arrived after a few minutes old-fashioned Chinese restaurant.Guide went to the store, but that was refused can have previous visitor.And not completely give up, negotiations to be “! Want to see just inside the store”.It is guided by the guide, and set foot into the store.

The first floor dim, there are tables and chairs for about 30 persons.Shopkeeper had Kuyurase the one tobacco smoke.When you do an eye on the corner of the room, fine wine and Coca-Cola, liquor are arranged in large quantities to the glass case of vertical 2 × horizontal 1m.Both’s stuff you do not quite meet you in North Korea.Singing voice of the girl has been heard from the second floor and light up a cigarette.

Guide is called to the corner shopkeeper, whisper in Korean by threatened the 10,000 yen bill of three.Shopkeeper spilled smile.It is a pattern of a deal.5 minutes later, and is guided to a private room on the second floor in turnover and Chinese customers who evicted.

When I opened the door, sandwiched glass table cloth sofa of dark green four-seater, round chair pink lined.The little old, but there is also a karaoke machine made in Japan.Rather than a cabaret, it seems snack outskirts.

5 minutes to be asked beer and wait.Two men dressed in suits “Nyo Ha Se Yo ~ ♪” black, came with a smile.Daughter thin flesh-colored tights peek from knee large pupil, and similar Ji of KARA.The one other mature, I reminiscent of the days of the young actress Joey Wang of Taiwan (famous for “A Chinese Ghost Story”) in black tights.

Yon-chan 25-year-old Ji similar.One is Sun-chan 27 years old.When you dispense the self-introduction through the guide, and began to sing chan Sun rises.In the tune of Korean pop, and take steps lightly.I’ve been held out his right hand and eye Sun-chan and fit.Sun-chan that rotates Kokimiyoku movement of ballroom dancing.Apparently was in the beautiful dance team, and lead us to skillfully.

The list of karaoke, there were many songs of Japan.While listening to the Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi guide sings a “toast”, and type “under the big onion” of blast slump.Occasionally, gestures to rearrange the foot invites to dance Namamekashii Yon-chan.When you sing up close, it showed me a dreamy look.
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