The magazine re-broadcast the NHK scandal red and white stray scene (3)

To proceed also live for a long period of time, the situation of unexpected also occurs.That in order to keep laughing, those heartwarming, those frowning until, once introduced an uproar that does not work edit.

First appearance since ’68, Shinichi Mori (64) of 43 consecutive participation in until last year.He was established as a “face of the red and white” completely also had committed a blunder too embarrassed in the past.

Forest served as a large bird for the first time in “Cape Erimo” 74 years, bowed and appeared on the stage.But at that time, “accident” had occurred in the pants.Auditorium is he began buzz.entertainment reporter at that time, hit the coverage in the field reveal.

It would be panic when it is dressed in tailcoat black red and white for the rushed to the NHK Hall in a hurry from the venue of the “Record Award, and I seem to have forgotten to close the zipper.One chorus Ya end, Shirogumi singer team was not healed by enclosing the forest.Until it has closed, the screen has continued reflecting the face-up of single-mindedly ”

From the windows fully opened, white shirt had Hello -.

Speaking of the forest, there was one quarrel with red and white story also recently.As a result of singing by changing only a part of the lyrics “mom’s” in 2006, Mr. Yasunori Kawauchi songwriter rage.Forest are issued “mom’s” singing prohibited, Sendai Mr. died in ’08 without having to allow forest.After that, the settlement has been established between the bereaved and forest.

10 times large birds of mogul-Saburo Kitajima (75) of Shirogumi along with woods, but most, along with the late Misora ​​Hibari.Happening It was such a hit the North Island ’81.Was singing the “Fuusetsunagaretabi” as white bird set, but the amount of confetti of production was a huge Ikansen.It is no longer visible appearance of the person, the paper he had penetrated more and more up in the nose and mouth.

“Rust was going to project up in the face, but the director seems to have been indicated as” closed “in a desperate photographer.However, per finished singing Do not fazed at all,’m truly sub-chan “(The reporter entertainment, supra)

And some have caused a good situation called “incident” rather than a happening is told also Fukawa Toshikazu in the previous section, in Koji Yoshikawa (46) of ’85.

Yoshikawa that appeared on the stage as Shirogumi top batter sing “NEW Face likely hated”.Even though Shirogumi, Yoshikawa of bright red why suits was to expand the performance spread grandly and in the mouth the champagne Nari appearing.Runaway does not stop the song ends, the intro of red set Kawai Naoko (48) even when the next begins.Wow, it ignited the guitar, and he had thrown to the stage.Of course, it is not doing in rehearsal.

The scene will not be televised “truly.And a stunned look of School Mates, which had begun dancing, figure Kawai you did not put out sing standing still stunned has been burnt to the mind “(The reporter magazines TV supra)

If Yarakase only this, touching the Outrage of NHK also of course.Until it appeared in the “face of another midnight” drama in 2002, Yoshikawa was forced to NHK banned long-term.It is not even a joke “new face” is gone is really hated.

Illuminations costume Kobayashi Sachiko (57) that has become a tradition of the red and white are also supposed to be rich in 1992 of the first appearance.

Look back “illuminations of 62,000 pieces, but I was supposed to blink red and green,” said TV magazine reporter earlier.In rehearsal, Illuminations that drew cheers of onlookers flashing firmly, not light only part in the production of essential.Audience of about 3,000 people was silenced.

“Himself I guess was disappointed.Do not participate in the launch of the program after the end, I was returning home with indecent haste.Funny story that was drunk New Year was handed down, but … “(NHK officials)

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