Entertainer who was armed with “black history” … in the spring complex

I have to confess that there was a misrepresentation of age to profile its own Seri那 of SDN48 was broadcast on December 6 in the “quiz Speed ​​King”.
Questions in a quiz, Seri那 remark abruptly to be “Yo I was gaining your 3-year-old year in fact”.Studio was a development that noisy … but, so far has been confessed on television numerous Seri那 is of that was reading the mackerel in a quite famous story.
The reason is something called a “so as not to finds out the school that had been through is because it was the place of entertainment activities prohibited”, but idle active is of that confess the misrepresentation of age is that even if you know the reason, resulting in a Dokiri still.

There are several patterns that things that were previously seen as a “black history” as Seri那, changes as a “powerful weapon” suddenly in the entertainment industry.
The most famous it would be confession of wig Ayanokoji Kimi Maro.side you are looking at was also noticed in the back of one’s head that he is wearing a wig, but temporary, it was called a variety of discussion for the person is not confessed quite.However, when the topic is peaked, Kimi Malo confess that it is a wig himself.Since then, Kimi Malo came to the story the “wig” in desultory conversation other than invective.
Let alone Nishida Kende was appeared as a supporting player name to much drama Speaking of actors take off the wig, spread the width of the role.Nishida is a handsome actor and the role was often up to it, but decided “! Will Nugo wig” suddenly one day.Then, to get the character of the year corresponding to other than handsome, Nishida that showed off a stunning amount has appeared in a number of drama.
There are many past you do not want to touch Yuji Tanaka of laughter issues that are in the story even now is “orchiectomy”.”Divorce”, “tall small” etc. described above also “Katatama” other than, there is a complex of many, but the person do not have to worry too much, you are taking a laugh been tampered always Ota of the antagonist.

Besides, talent celebrities numerous are the story of the past “black history”, but “black history” loses its value as “black history” to be too much exposed.
The “Keru Butcha” act’s effective to some extent in the sense that a deeper impression, but it is also much barrage thing troubled!?
(Yasusaka YukariYoshihiko)