Aiming to complete, and fracture experiment at the same time? China

December 5, 2011, accident that has fallen viaduct under construction collapses occurs, workers of six people were injured in China Anhui Hefei City.But instead of “accident” to authorities, it announced that it went according to plan it’s a “fracture experiment”, you are talking about one person workers through the site is only a mild abrasion. The collapse happened it viaduct construction site of Tsutsumikawa Avenue in Hefei city.Around 7:30 in the morning on the 5th, one of the workers to testify, “you’re working under (viaduct), beginning on the shaking, collapsed all of them,” said.Portion of the collapsed that spans 900 square meters.

After the accident, the person responsible, KoHiroshi Mr. Tsutsumikawa Avenue project, told the media “It’s a fracture experiment that was planned in advance,” This.It has been described as “not enough data is available If you do not do the experiment”. Zhangjiagang Sachi deputy director of critical infrastructure management station of Hefei City, also said, “had done the excess load experiment of temporary beams”, and that has been notified to the worker in advance.

Were objections to this, work colleagues has not received any news.See article

In “坏性 试验 broken” in Chinese is “fracture experiment”, it can be seen somehow in Japanese, but it does not seem to know the officials that ordered the site.If the first place experiments, during construction, it will also not be performed in the field of real.It is a story that is impossible in the common sense to make sure the safety elsewhere, is to reproduce in the field in that after confirmation, such as an experiment while aiming to complete.Employee has been injured rather than to hear such a thing, much less.This meaningless excuse, criticism has erupted on the Internet in China. Komyonippo was criticized as “something that hurt the people prevarication as to fool the people”.”But the experimental site spectacular”, photos can not be seen only in the mysterious collapse accident many times you look.