It was Ajiwaibukaka~tsu in collaboration miracle and make rough “FNS Song Festival”

Was broadcast on December 7 “2011 FNS Song Festival” It’s am Mase Tsukko this time is, (Fuji TV).

Acoustic Happening storm of “Labyrinth Love Song” (?And), with a fixed one camera, such as SKE48 that there are no up had become a hot topic a lot, but amusing attractions that actually has not been much attention was also full.

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For example, by the collaboration of Domoto Tsuyoshi Yaida pupil “My Sweet Darlin ‘”.May, in fact that it showed off “Domoto Brothers” (same) in the past collaboration of this song by the same Apartments, at that time was quite workmanship of voice even through.However, key or did not fit, sound adjustment is what did not this time, Domoto Tsuyoshi has not been Roh song until the end.

People can sing like that, are Matsuriage without permission or “! I conger” around karaoke, how in the next Yaida pupils sing in a loud voice the part of the rust, and sing while exploring weakly is, before you do not know well It seemed to feel it was issued to, such as are embarrassed to not a Honoré.This pattern seems to have control of the deputy director manager.

The more I think there are many other strange combination of voice with a needle is a good fit, and TOKIO · Nagase Tomoya sing Kobayashi Asahi, with or not than may be the songs have their own.Also, Go Hiromi × EXILE, felt that it was glistening Teitashi is strangely obsessed, Takarazuka series is also excellent and a sudden.

Then, it was the most shocking is, it “…… shining” by Hideaki Tokunaga and Takanohana Koji.This collaboration, I wonder if there is any sense on earth.Two people alone have arranged a face, it is too interesting.

Furthermore, as the sober attractions, there was also “landscape of the stage under”.During the stage of KARA, popular person-Aina Ashida-chan singing, and wanted to take the figure to dance to it can be seen, but behind the camera man in the street (Staff?) Or not reflected much crowded, female staff that seems to issue instructions is or through, another mess.

How sloppy make of that side also, richness of color also planning or help, actors itself is has become fun has also been projected often.

It was not the most prominent among them, how every one of the V6 and TOKIO that encamped the table in front is riding a ride from beginning to end.Not just clapping, and it is glue, or Hayashi loud occasionally in the whole body, it looked like uncles relatives to drunk in reception hall, they’ve already finished.

It was made of rough Happening full, but only the “banquet” feeling a stunning, it was a program seems Shiwasu.
(Tako Wakako)

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