Foshan, Guangdong – stabbing the boy in the man … net cafe angry with foot odor

I found that the 14th December 2011, incidents customers who resented the smell of the foot of a 16-year-old boy sitting next to the net cafe in China Guangdong, that stab someone to death the boy with a knife had happened.China paper, Guangzhou Daily told.

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15:40 the 8th incident happened is (local time) around.Tour around the “foot odor” of a boy between the boy who sat next to each other in the net cafe ministry Foshan City Shunde District beams with (Lian) suspects, it became a hassle.According to the beam suspect, because where you took off your shoes boy who came from after sitting next to, the smell of the foot was dangerous, was careful to wear shoes.But, it becomes hassle in the wake of this, the beam suspects blood was up to the head pops out of the net cafe, it was brought out a kitchen knife from the dining room across the street.

Beams suspects back to the net café Kirikakari with a kitchen knife to the boy as it is, after stabbed many times, and fled.Among them, scratch that stuck to the heart is fatal, the boy was taken to a hospital, but I died.It completely surrounds the vicinity of police dispatched immediately.Beams suspect that idea that there is no Nigekire has turned himself in about 2 hours after.Currently, police are doing the investigation for details of the incident.(Translation and editing / NN)