Unheard of rarity occurred in the women’s professional wrestling! Retired withdraw during retirement ceremony!

December 23, unheard of rarity has occurred at the box office of JWP girls wrestling in Tokyo Korakuen Hall.

The box office was held as a retired box office Kaori Yoneyama (30).Yoneyama this day, play against Kayoko Haruyama in the Main Event.18 minutes 49 seconds, I was defeated in single shrimp compaction from diving guillotine drop.

Senior wrestlers and officials appeared after the game, and appreciation the labor of Yoneyama, as the last of the ceremony, 10 count gong had sounded.However, stop the gong this Yoneyama during the “Please Wait!”.Then, up to Command Bolshoi is a leading player of the same organization ring, remarks that the “retirement announcement was just because,, I have not forced to quit”.Yoneyama is “I, I do not want to quit.From fixed retirement, is turned into more like a pro wrestling.But, it is not turning back anymore, How can try “and crying.

There, next year January 8, appeared Bull Nakano to hold their own retirement box office at the Tokyo Dome City Hall (former All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling), but handed the envelope, which means the contestants offer to the same tournament, the received Yoneyama is “pro wrestling retired, will withdraw “and remark.May I no longer support even “hated.I do not may not be for another two degrees and retirement match, to decide the resolution, will continue to rise in this love ring “and was declared the active duty continue.

Some in there are similar cases in the past.As “Oniyome”, vigorously talent activities also to have Sasaki Kensuke Mrs. Hokuto, had hinted that to retire Tokyo Dome Tournament of November 20, 94 (the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling sponsored) Finally, I withdrew the retirement remarks after the game.In addition, Andouaika (Ice Ribbon) is, but was professional wrestling graduation match in Tokyo and Shin-Kiba 1st RING Congress of August 28, 08, withdrew after the game.However, Ando originally in talent, you are doing a professional wrestling in order to broaden the range of its activities, the different nuances in the retirement and graduation.

As far as the interaction of unfolded ring, retirement withdrawal rather than the whim of in situ Yoneyama, it has been decided in advance clear.On this day, the majority of fans who flocked to the venue, I should have been visitors to see the last of the majestic figure of Yoneyama.Yoneyama has announced the end of the year retirement in July, it will be later, betrayed the fans who visited to watch the mercenary her game to be “if to retire”.

How much, entertainment highly professional wrestling and Haie, there will be things and bad things fared.At the time the feeling of Yoneyama has changed, or JWP is not there was a need to announce his retirement withdrawal in advance.Indeed, retired withdrawal of in the middle of the ceremony after the retirement match, but downright thing is bad aftertaste.
(Ichiro Ochiai)