Millionaire of Guangdong, cat pot to eat poisoning death – China

The 23rd in China and Guangdong Yangchun, company president who ate a pot of cat meat containing the poisoning symptoms, I died.China Radio International told.

And died, the president of the company in the ministry Gaozhou, Ryuri-gen Mr..According to the report, “served as the provincial People’s representative at the famous millionaire, excellent Communist Party members of saving” the thing with.The 23rd afternoon, Ryu enters the Yangchun city of fire pot shop with acquaintance 2 people, ate a pot of cat meat containing.When you drank the soup, one person is “bad.There is exchange that returns and speak as in the “are also included in poison other people” It’s painful to good medicine mouth “, then three people were taken to hospital with poisoning symptoms.

Died shortly despite receiving emergency treatment at the dragon’s hospital.2 people acquaintance lightly poisoning symptoms, not Betsujo in life that.But such is the city Public Security Bureau was immediately instructed the poisoning cause analysis by the inspection of food, not out test results.Officials said he was “as someone there is a possibility that poisoned deliberately, waiting for the results of the analysis coming out”.(Editors: Toshiyuki Yanagawa)