[Entertainment vitamin ♪] “Let’s Fukushima travel together.”.Nakai Masahiro to realize the talk of Yukio Edano Minister and dreams.Dodge promise towards the reconstruction.

SMAP of Nakai Masahiro has played a long-sought face-to-face to visit the Yukio Edano Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in the TV program.”Edano Mr. wanted to meet -” and not hide the inspiring Nakai Masahiro is, elicit the surprising aspects of the minister in the enthusiasm.

Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, then when the actual situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident is clear, that provided the information from the television as every day was Yukio Edano said at the time Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Every day, in the figure of Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano to report the actual situation of the earthquake damage and nuclear accident from morning until night, there was a place where people also feel.Do also “Edano okay on the net?”It’s about was rife even voice such as” Edano Nero ~! “.

Such Edano Nakai Masahiro is that wanted to meet Mr., in was broadcast “Nakai Masahiro The large chronology 5 of” Because visited Yukio Edano Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister office in December 30 the end of last year is there.

When Masahiro Nakai that was thrilled to face-to-face dream exchanging greetings as embrace it as “Edano’s it! By I wanted to see ~!”, Edano minister was also depending happily and “excuse me”.

In the talk of about 10 minutes, and he not a political cult from questions of Nakai say that “human beings, want to know Edano san”, became be told the various aspects of Edano Minister.

Edano Minister for it was a short-tempered personality in childhood scolded from the parent to the “Do not become emotional”, has been taught.He has been an effort to suppress the feelings along with the growth, but that “after the earthquake was particularly aware of it.”.For Edano minister that was in the eyes in coverage after the earthquake, Nakai that the truth that “it did not change the expression to a little nasty question was impressive from the media,” felt that was in his upbringing I.

When from immediately after the earthquake about 1 week Edano minister who was in the vicinity of the Prime Minister’s official residence of the Chief Cabinet Secretary room “busiest you can shave the beard, did not even afford to take a shower.I look back to several tens of hours and lasted “is such a situation.

When Nakai to worry about whether the time rest was to hear the story of Edano minister, he quit “Kang, officially Noda Cabinet is out of the Chief Cabinet Secretary was launched September 2.I was revealed to be the first time were able relieved “when the.Approximately a half years I think the feeling of Edano Minister tense state continues, Nakai did not put out the word by pressing the mouth by hand.

That such Edano Minister of mind is restful to the, it is time to play with your child’s twins to become 5-year-old.In addition, he says and junior high school as “love song so was singing in the glee club”, was delighted Nakai to say “” Yozora No Mukou “I also sing” of SMAP at karaoke.

“After the earthquake margin of feelings did not sing karaoke” to Edano minister to talk to, “2011 It was a lonely year, his was also considered whether attempt to reduce the hobby,” he revealed that the himself troubled Nakai Masahiro is, “I do I we are doing?I asked the advice of “and towards reconstruction.

Edano minister preached the need to consume without “asked to buy everyone thing, it went that the economy will be better to travel” and that the entire Japan sinks.Still he appeal strongly with the “best of that to go on a trip to Fukushima”, said to be safe to visit many in one person confirmed region “” Fukushima I want you to realize that I’m safe. ‘” was.

Nakai “Now is against it, if you take a Edano’s holiday, why not go on the trip with me?When you boldly and suggestions “, while Edano Minister welcome to the” but I’m happy if there is such opportunity “, is the answer to be” unless taken the child before its to “.Nakai be returned and regretfully to “After the child is with me …”, the story of two people of Fukushima travel has become procrastination.

This conversation becomes a chance, no doubt be a great power as any Edano support of the Minister and to the Fukushima reconstruction if realized trip to Fukushima Nakai.Come to program officials, it’s what I want to continue negotiations.

A fact in 2010 in Nakai Masahiro is the show, also visited the Shigenobu Mr. Tamura of the Liberal Democratic Party Policy Research Association investigation officer at the time.With a distance while a people and their political moves away, it is hoped that these planning can know more deeply the thought of politicians increases.
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