The annual highest audience rating defend also …….”Absolutely not overlooked” tsukkomi far from the festival for

NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen of last year New Year’s Eve reconstruction assistance of the Great East Japan Earthquake was a theme.Selection of contestants, there were also rumors that were difficulties considerably by the influence of the gang exclusion regulations of example …….

There is also that “Shinsuke Shimada-san has been pointed out the relationship between gang retired entertainment industry, was Mashi pretty dispute in station.However, it can not afford even to mean that “physical examination” the contestants all candidates.After all, Tokyo by ordinance of the previous last year October 1, which came into force became to a determination that you blame none “it (there NHK staff)

Despite such mess in advance, the average audience rating of the second part of from 21:00 to (examine video research, Kanto district) 41.6% in, was somehow kept the seat of annual highest audience rating.Takashi Odajima Mr. columnist doing this evaluation.

“It was not to be stupid cheer battle, moderator and performer is cold to the audience by barrage of jokes” freezing to death “is to be there was no (laughs).It was a good impression on the whole ”

On the other hand, even candid advice from Usui broad Professor of Sophia University Faculty of Letters Department of newspaper.

Although I think that it was pretty good at it, “what you feel fine, for the majority of the contestants had to say to Kuchiguchi that” want to give courage in song “, the word somewhere courage and spirited I was I have heard cheap.Is hard sell the excitement, it is regrettable that was not seen to relax ”

So, whether for participating artists individual.Nagabuti Tsuyoshi or a relay from the Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture of the affected areas, AKB48 although attractions and or showing off a special medley at 210 people a total was greater, far from tsukkomi was also packed.Speak Odajima Mr. earlier.

“It would tried to cheer the disaster area, I have the Enka singer was too enthusiasm was worried about (laughs).Originally, Enka The Han (back) only section (rude) and those that sing the retrospective regrets.And because I not have to forcibly positive feel it.In particular, “go home kana” of sub-chan (Saburo Kitajima) is, I wanted to sing in a more peaceful feeling (laughs).Force it would be striking example that failed too enters ”

Usui’s supra, cited the first co-starring Sayaka Kanda Seiko Matsuda and daughter.

“It had been frequently appeal that the TV’s first co-star, until the end Sayaka Kanda did not understand the meaning to appear (laughs)”

And that was one of this red and white of the eyeball, Lady Gagada played a red and white first-ever appearance VTR.And he was singing the smash hit song “Born This Way”, but there were people Monchaku regard lyrics of Japanese translation.

“The original lyrics I that contains the words such as” lesbian “and” bisexual “, but it is difficult to literal translation as it is in the red and white (laughs).So, take the permission to Gaga side, it was changed to softly and was expressed in a range that does not lose its original meaning “(supra · NHK staff)

Also, this time also Korean artists such as KARA and SNSD appeared.

“NHK is’re using them pretty damn, from during the rehearsal, I was not nervous like to notice the shooting ban on media companies who came to interview” (sports newspaper reporter)

And, of that Odajima Mr. earlier could not be the most understanding, Mana Ashida-chan and Fuku Suzuki-kun of the child actor was singing along with the Disney characters scene.

“I usually, even though the NHK is a public broadcasting are saying not to charge carriers in one company of publicity, Why issued a Mickey Mouse is the incarnation of American capitalism (incarnation) (laughs).Bad NHK you Eraisan of head I Will “The world is one” wanted to feel that ”

Also whether the charm of red and white unique is there so Tsukkomi far from.

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Collection rate of 2010 NHK subscription fee is 74%.Does this number is true?
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