[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “all love” “There is no place for hate.”.Actually Love Love of 爆問 Ota and Mitsuyo Mrs.!?

Famous laughter problem of Ota light and Mitsuyo and his wife in the submissive husband.However, actually the inside of a program event you would suspect than a lovey-dovey happened.To Mitsuyo’s words of that answer when it was asked about her husband, Ota was how not hide the joy even while shy.

“SMAP × SMAP” (Fuji TV) of “BISTRO SMAP” in a guest appearance was Mitsuyo Mr. Ota of two people and the office president in Ota wife of laughter problem.To from beginning to end spear difficulty likely Ota light in the fact that the couple co-star, self-paced of Mitsuyo Mr. early and arrived in seat, had started drinking beer.Because it was the order of the day “cuisine to suit the herbal tea”, good to be the “beer from two of laughter problem?It is Mitsuyo who had been said, “but there is indeed office of president.had to demonstrate the big game the first time and it “does not come out and not a beer appetite”.

Then, I like where is “each other in Ota and his wife?When I hit the question “, the answer of the” all “from Mitsuyo’s.”I mean, I hate there is no place for” was told to and Ota, had been embarrassed by the bright red face.However, surprising fact is issued from Mitsuyo’s here.And he that was directly studio filled by this morning, Ota and the couple quarrel actually.Furthermore, are they not trying to continuation of the morning of couple quarrel in this place.It had Tanaka Yuji partner also amazed that the “” hate place is not “do not think people who had said a little while ago.”.Also Nakai Masahiro “continuation of the fight should be and from back home,” it was a settlement called.

But after this, surprise was waiting to Ota and his wife.Always he is there gift of kiss to the winning team, but he was supposed to kiss Mr. Mitsuyo Ota this time.Mitsuyo who spill as “not seven years kiss” is, and a kiss on the cheek Ota was very embarrassed.

It’s Ota and his wife that has become famous in the submissive husband, but in fact Mitsuyo’s might be just want to be bothered more in Ota.In fact, a recent Mitsuyo’s face lament that it was no longer me playing at all was somewhere lonely.It’s Ota each other work had just because busy, but I felt that it be best if you have more important things Mitsuyo Mrs. who say to the love all.If you take more physical contact, will also no longer be henpecked wife.
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