“The teachers often that I even neck Kimigayo not standing” Osaka teacher

I say that it painful to reform, really might greet the bloodshed in Osaka.School teachers to continue the resistance squarely in Toru Hashimoto, Osaka Mayor recite education reform, and towards the “Kimigayo unison when standing” stop at the March graduation ceremony, beginning to reveal the attitude that does not hesitate of force are.

Matsui Ichiro Osaka governor has stated the early establishment of basic education bill in the inaugural conference.If bill in February it is submitted to the Prefectural Assembly and the City Council, the “effect” is first tried the first time, it’s graduation ceremony of Prefectural schools refrain in the one month after the.So momentum that of force by the part of the teachers occurs is growing.

“Osaka City Board of Education is to force the piano accompaniment to the national anthem at the ceremony, there are many music teachers who suffer from it.If satisfied ordinance in such, teachers scared to fear, will further mental pressure is strengthened “(” Hinomaru-Kimigayo “Mr. Force opposite hotline Osaka Imae Hiroyuki)

According to the Ministry of Education survey, 5458 people faculty that you leave with mental illness such as depression in the country most of the past in 2009.Shows the percentage of leave number of people occupying the teachers “leave’s appearance rate”, Osaka Following the Okinawa nationwide second place.In the government-designated city, Osaka City ranked first, Sakai City is by far the 3-position and the group.

“Teachers and which thus was mentally forced to think not when you standing in the national anthem colleague teachers solemnly of graduation ceremony that saw the figure.Only are also “no matter what Kimigayo to crush the anthem” and Ikimaku teacher, we are concerned that the long-awaited children departure might be ruined by violent behavior “(original Prefectural High School length)

In “non-standing of Joan of Arc” was called women’s case in the original teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan High School, this strange spectacle was seen.

Graduation ceremony of “I continue to not standing with the arrival was in 2008, this woman teacher had been called” today or even dismissal if not standing disposal “.But that day, in nursing school that not only elementary and junior high schools and a total of 25 graduates, dozens also of supporters is packed, “Kimigayo not standing” Monomonoshii banners and bib such as “Hinomaru-Kimigayo Force opposite” was listed.

In the confusion of students and parents, et al., Woman teacher greeted with applause and cheers to supporters, had pierced the non-standing “(Yu Yamada of freelance writer who interviewed the situation at the time)

If familiar with the “Kimigayo Force” by 憚 from no Hashimoto mayor to say “education is 20,000 percent Force”, the impact is not in this ratio.If Okire simultaneous multiple specific “declaration of intention” between Prefectural school and its faculty spanning 2000 schools, about 50 000 people, is expected uproar that can not be imagined.Has progressed already “of force” plan.

“Motion calling for the systematic non-standing movement during the national anthem has become tricky for strict monitoring of the prefecture Board of Education.However, in February the start of the Congress, you are planning a large-scale rally that surrounds the Prefectural Office and City Hall in the faculty and support person.Want to appeal the ordinance blocking until the end “(Mr. before de well before)

For “ahead”, mid-level teacher in Prefectural to join the siblings set to the eerie prophecy.

“Although until February will do a force to call for modification or withdraw the bill, still Hashimoto and Matsui if to Congress submitted, many teachers no doubt get out to a repulsive attitude in the graduation ceremony of March.The specific method is not yet determined, it must be a way to have a significant effect on the public opinion in any.

It is not also in the news in about some of the teachers to resistance in a non-standing.Hashimoto ought realize that not a few teachers that “long-cherished ambition’s even got fired” ”

Public opinion and “justice” of Hashimoto, who appear to bullish offensive to back, the teachers even belief not to bend while becomes inferior “justice” -.The collision, bloody situation is not likely to be avoided.

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, · the 20th Issue