“Work For Companies” ranking in 2012 version, Japan, and Google followed first place to last

Great Place to Work Institute Japan is the 20th, announced the “Best Workplaces” ranking in Japan 2012 edition.Announced in Japan have been conducted since 2007, it is the 6th time.Participation 123 companies.

According to it, “a rewarding company” of 2012 # 1 of 250 employees or more departments, was continued to Google in the previous (2011 edition).Second place is also the last time the same Works Applications.Third place, rank up from Plan · Do · See the 5.Previous 3-position of the Japan Microsoft has retreated at the 6-position.

Employees less than 250 people (25 people or more) # 1 of department also will continue to last, became the Cold Stone Creamery Japan.Previous 8-position of the net up surge in second place.Japan National Instruments previous second place has become a third place.

In Great Place to Work Institute, in 45 countries around the world over, especially in the survey results to employees, it is announced to create a ranking based on the same criteria.
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