The [Ita too celebrities] David Beckham, the Rolls-Royce of purchase on auction at 60 million yen.

David Beckham, convertible Rolls-Royce made two-door four-seater, the the “Phantom drop head coupe” was unveiled in the city of Los Angeles, it was that of June 2008.$ 600,000 (then 6 thousand several million yen) is also worthy to see because its that paid etc. big car, had been a whopping auction site eBay.

Although three-and-a-half years ran, Beckham of that mileage’s only 9,517km “phantom”.6 speed AT 6750ccV12 cylinder engine and the latest technology, Boasting interior and fully equipped with the best materials, such super bargain car but would be unusual, in eBay 32 万 9000 dollars (about 25 million yen) auction start from.It’s as if they reflect the evil of the US economy.

The reason for Beckham let go of this car, but it is that because I feel like change to the “ghost (Ghost)” of popular sold from the company in ’09, here four-door car.In the large family of Beckham who Harper Seven chan was born, 4 towards the door might be easier.The “ghost” is, but one per second have likely than “Phantom” and acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 4.9 seconds.

In added value of “that Beckham is super-luxury car that drove”, it would be one see what the value is bidding up until how much.By the way Beckham Range Rover, Porsche is also in car.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Joy Yokote)