Japan Galapagos vending machines? Also regional contribution type and gold sales

Japanese vending machines which became the market of more than 5 trillion yen.Its evolution is unique to Japan, seems to have come a process of mobile phone like, “Galapagos” evolution apparently.

Vending machine with 5,206,850 units nationwide.Sales in 2010 was about 5 trillion 420 billion yen.It is said sales in fiscal 2009 of the United States to be about 4 trillion yen, suggesting that what is closely related to vending machines and our lives how.

Originality and would like to further note.In Japan, it is the birth of a vending machine with a variety of added value and the sale of goods and unique one after another.

In Tokyo the banana has become a hot topic last year, vending machines of gold appeared this year.International space It’s the deal (Tokyo).The vending machine has been installed in the entrance of the headquarters company, of pure gold with the certificate can be purchased from one gram in the rate of the day.Eventually seems also considering nationwide.

The vending machine that is installed in every station Choshi Electric Railway of (Chiba) is responsible for the role of information announcement wayside and train operation status.Thing to be said this is a regional contribution vending machine Tone Coca-Cola Bottling (Chiba) to expand.The distribution over the Internet information, you have applied technology to be displayed on the display of the vending machine, digital signage.

Besides that, I got to see vending machines AED (automated external defibrillator) was set.It seems from the reason as the location of the appearance of an AED dissemination is urgent, are everywhere, vending machine yet noticeable that perfect.

The Great East Japan Earthquake, in Ishihara remark jumped out upon receipt of the metropolitan area of ​​power shortage then, vending machine that acts as a disaster vendor was also bear the brunt of criticism in reversal.However, Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association, an industry organization, refute “vending machine of beverage-related installed across the country, changed to eco vendor to automatically control the operation in accordance with the power consumption situation all” and.Moreover, this approach is that it has been started from 1995.

Vending machine you are using casually usually.Degree of evolution and the individuation seems continues at a speed far beyond our imagination.

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Hideyuki Kato, Yuhei Hanshin [Author]

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