Leap year, lucky to strain February 29??

Although too late noticed, this month because it is a leap year this year it is up to the 29th.Asahi elementary school newspaper, has an article called “I often the 1st leap year this year”, near the end, these things have been written. 
Whether there is any impact of that there is a February 29 around your body, let’s look. Although children receive pocket money every day this month will get a lot one day, the child you are asked to put together one month will not change. Child that entrusts the money in the bank, the daily long minute this year, the number of interest, the amount you receive after one year will generally be a little more.Also in the watch, there is also a thing that does not correspond to the rules calendar function is pull out once leap year in 100 years.February 29, 1948 born writer, Jiro Akagawa will celebrate the birthday of “the first time in four years.”. Now when viewed historically, the United States stock market wonder stronger of February 29, or wonder weak.But the results of February 29 under the Dow index.

  Documentation: Bespoke Investment Group
Since the beginning of the US stock market in 1900, the market is experiencing a February 29 of 21 times, not so much putt better grades. 
Dow average performance of the index of February 29 is minus 0.05%. 
And intermediate value minus 0.22%. 
Dow’s index has become positive only seven times in 21 times. 
It is – this month the 29th Wednesday, but that February 29 became Wednesday There are three times, towards the victory or defeat is one win and two losses. 

– The last of the 29 February 2008.On this day the Dow index, became 2.51% of significant decline. (see the article: This is often the 1st leap year this year
Historical Market Performance on Leap Days)