15 people celebrity “moment of deathbed” sublime stage rear (3) Ozaki Yutaka “suicide note full text” bereaved family has denied the news

 Rock of charisma, ’20 from undergone Yutaka Ozaki (He was 26) mysterious death has elapsed.Last year, it has been published in the monthly magazine “suicide note” was called the great response.However, it is around its authenticity, bereaved’s a negative that.


Last year’s “Bungei” in the December issue and entitled article was published.

Also sports newspaper to follow, it is still fresh in our minds that it has become a big topic.It was revealed in the article, suicide note full text by two copies of Ozaki of hand.Within one copy, it has been introduced and Keppan of Ozaki is pressed “testament of Chizome”.

 Suicide note has been spelled in a poetic sentence of just like lyrics Ozaki made. also for the definition of death is written, it is concluded and .

In addition, the eldest son of the only child is

He is the Ozaki of affection are surges.

Journalist who had entrusted a suicide note to the original promise not to publish until the eldest son to adults who writes this article.Ozaki is April 25, 92, it has signed that it was a suicide that was dead in the house in the garden full of scratches.And, it is describing the motivation of suicide Ozaki itself to be because that was expecting the death.After the death, had remained stimulant without being absorbed into the Ozaki of stomach, it’s because it is evidence Ozaki of internal organs was tattered.

However, many fans in this article is not convinced.Journalist who interviewed the death of Ozaki, Nagashima Yukio Mr. speak this way.

“Some of this suicide note, it has been observed that the same journalist is one that was once published in the weekly magazine.However, brother of Ozaki is the discoverer of the suicide note in that case, it has denied the existence of a suicide note.Therefore, fan What am not convinced. ”

And, that the existence of this suicide note close friends of Ozaki knew.

“Ozaki by cross-border from Saitama, it was through to the born and raised in Tokyo junior high school.One of the best friends of junior high school age, which was Gataka~tsu farewell so much, seems to have been the promise that the mahjong on the day dead Ozaki.And, I at that time, when interviewed the best friend, I was talking to some to have been confessed attempted suicide twice from Ozaki person.1 time wrote a suicide note in the park near my home in ’88, I tried to Tyre the neck.Second time it is because did not die but was cut with a razor the wrist in ’90.That “suicide note Chizome” is, he had said, “Do not written at the time of the attempted suicide of the two degrees,” also “(Nagashima Mr.)

This time, the comment at all, not out on the suicide note full text news from Ozaki of bereaved family.

Currently, Ozaki father at his home in Saitama prefecture, it has welcomed Ozaki fans visit even now.And, Ozaki brother has become a lawyer.Ozaki of Mrs., it becomes president of office Ozaki is made, have been chosen: eldest son also director.

For the journal of the interview, the acquaintance of Ozaki brother spoke way.

“Last year, immediately after the Bungei was released, I was contacted Ozaki of brother.Then, “I do not not read is such article, and do not even bother to read,” I was talking to.It did so that there is something ill, because say, “If you have more great response, read properly, because I’m going corresponding ‥‥”, and does not especially also to topic ”

After his death in ’20, bereaved families will want to quietly spend.And what than Ozaki itself would be I want to sleep peacefully.