Good luck and preparation that has survived blizzard of overnight “Zao distress men and women.”

2 men and women in Zao blizzard was in distress, but was successfully rescued after about 17 hours.How to spend, and what was rambling life in the following of snow mountain 10 degrees below zero.True announcer Otake reported from local.

Interruption Zao is time now in the mobile phone “was distress” in the field of vision is poor rescue 30 minutes, rime is it impressive.The two men Sendai male hairdresser (31) and former colleague of the woman (27).February 21 (2012) morning, and was scheduled to go to the summit of Kumanodake (altitude 1841 m) in Ropuue~i Depart Sendai.However, the bailout blizzard around 13:00, 13:17, was Problem with the 110th “was distress” in the mobile phone.Although rescue team headed to the scene, rescue poor visibility in the gas interrupted by 30 minutes.After that, another accident has occurred.Men are slipping in under a few meters, two men fell apart.Of mobile phone battery is also off contact and I no longer take.

The two men spent the night separately in the snow, 6:50 yesterday the 22nd, was discovered by disaster prevention helicopter.It was hypothermia, the life is not Betsujo.

Yukiana, poncho and it was able to chocolate safely survived is a chance, but that there has been provided to the distress.Fortunately, men there was a cornice in the place where was slipping.In drift of snow, such as the eaves of the roof and cornice, men are hiding dug a hole under it, was able to avoid the wind.According to experts, there is a image of snow is cold, it becomes a heat insulating material to contain the air.Also outside is below freezing 15 degrees, and in about below freezing once or twice if put into it I get a snow cave, that which turns into a plus.When women that were rescued, he was wearing a poncho.This poncho is blocks the wind, I’m prevent the heat of the body is deprived of made a layer of air.

Koji Kato of the moderator, “Well, I’m glad it is in an environment that leads the mobile phone.”

Terry Ito of caster “When I heard this news, I was thought to be difficult kana To be honest, it was good.”

Otake, in addition to luck and with the poncho of cornice, that that it had prepared two servings of food (chocolate), that it has immediately turn back decision in the snowstorm, was also led to survive that it has immediately dial 110 at the lost point in time.

When it comes to Terry Ito “distress, people around also it’s a very.Be honest. ”

It was two shallow of mountain climbing experience, judgment and decent preparation might have called luck.