The embarrassing than nude? Payslips outflow uproar of Gravure! Working poor layer is also in big time of Gravure!?

Speaking of the outflow uproar of women idle, such as Kiss photo booth and smoking photo of a lover is classic.Meanwhile, popular Gravure C · N rare outflow uproar takes place in, has become a hot topic in some.

The outflow was given to documents and withholding slip of the tax return season unique.It was published in the image upload site, things around midnight of February 23 3.At the same time upload destination URL is affixed to the huge bulletin board that talk about her regular program, it became generally be outflow.

C · N is 25 years old now born in Kyushu.High school was a classmate of Suzanne was recently married.Juri Ueno, transmural titania Shihori, movie debut in masterpieces such as Yuika Motokariya was pushed Stars “Swing Girls”.Such as then play the heroine of the squadron hero drama, steadily step up.Increasing number of activities as a gravure idol at the same time, it has also been chosen to gateway to success Date Tele transgenic members of Gravure in two years ago.Speaking of flirts wind took the nose, from Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, which also co-starred in the regular program from its resemblance to the Yuko Ogura are given the nickname of “false Colin”.

Leaked documents, but what her own address had been hidden in a mosaic, address and office name was written on the payer column are those of the leading K group system to which it belongs.even if, it was not directly become open to last year’s annual income to be surprised.Everyone is aroused the common saying curiosity, that amount is only 1.04 million yen.This is the can prove is real, of course, office parties or her person in question only.That said, it is Mr. entertainment reporter A to state and its annual income than something reasonable.

But was moved to the leading K group from the “weak production, are you regular appearances, the low-budget programs such as CS and the old UHF stations majority.Name recognition what among enthusiasts of the squadron goods and Gravure is high, but the general awareness is not good enough.Even including the performance fee of the image video to issue 1 and 2 this year, and of that one million little,’s a reasonable line “or.

But that 1 million yen a little, the amount of par housewife Part reward.The income basis, she is to belong to the typical working poor layers despite clear distinction class Gravure.

“You can easily find a little degree you are on TV, low-income is natural.Idol towards the remittance of the home is Oikoya, a part-time job than revenue in the entertainment activities Zara.C · N also do not know now, but there are rumors that worked in a few years ago Roppongi of cabaret ”

Even so the question is, and it is fake it is genuine, the fact that such fresh documents Who published.

“This is only a guess, but it is a strong possibility of a C · N himself.She is such as TV, is an image, such as the warm fuzzy healing, but the actual equivalent negative co.”Can not stop the tears” in Twitter, it is also often to the the like “depression eat” “I want to disappear”.There is also a further “income insecurity” was the writing of the fastball and……. To be that involuntarily Become a melancholy had published a secret in low-income ”

Some inconsiderate fan, sometimes despised as such Menhera system idle and disease bundles to C · N.It is also true that most Toro such weakness has been strongly the feeling that “protect to want to give” some fan.

That idol, seemingly of images Uwatsui in gorgeous this time of turmoil we have let me glimpse a part of darkness on the back of the world.The future is further leap to C · N, it is what you want earns Gattsuri.
(Statement = Peeping Tom Sawyer)

(※ Image: than “Please !! gravure idol back story not taken” official site TV Tokyo)

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