The reason susceptible to mind control to Chubs woman?

Recently, that has been growing in popularity Chubs woman.If you look around on the net, such as “women who care about the stomach around is the type from the old days”, “Japanese women are too thin” and is spelled out in the place where I think chubby favorite male reaches.Also from women, “cute” “I hear even a positive voice for Chubs such as like a bear”.

Recently, a woman soothsayer · A’s and that living with Tomoko Othello Nakajima of your troubled world, also Kijima Kanae accused of “matchmaking fraud incident” but “Chubs”.She us to mind control the men, even be able to tie, perhaps this body shape is affecting.Says Hiromi Mr. Shimada of detailed religious scholars in the cult problem.

“It’s appearance is not to cause a wariness to opponent.Then, it is easy to continue entered the mind of man.There are God was Chubs that Hotei like the Seven Lucky Gods, but you are always laughing, it is famous for the fact that there is a virtue.Chubs from the past, it has a charm that endeared to people like that. ”

There is actually such research results.If you try to measure the brain waves of a few men that have to talk to each of the women and Chubs women who are skinny, despite was nervous for women who are skinny, to chubby woman , it was a relaxed mood.That towards the relaxed state a person is likely to open the heart.Say Fune曳 Miyako doctor of medical corporation Oak Society “Oak Sumiyoshi Obstetrics and Gynecology”.

“Chubs women, you may receive the female hormone is secreted more than those who are lean.Then, smile often, it helps out feminine features such as good story. ”

Only because Chubs, opponent might be easily controlled.

※ women Seven March 8, 2012 issue