Do you want to Super Cool Biz practice?

Hot and humid summer in Japan To damp.Car of the commuter train also in the office, discomfort is increased even more this year of modest cooling in a power saving.So no jacket and no tie, of course, Super Cool Biz of trying to commute dress cool T-shirt and polo shirt, and pants are advertised extensively.

Ministry of the Environment to take Ondo is, attempts to put the power to be interviewed by the media and dress to wear Kariyushi of Okinawa and Hawaiian shirt to the staff.Place to take in the private sector also seems to many, but how do you much penetration.Tell me! this question were received also goo.

I work in this Super Cool Biz super really rough “?”

If you look at the answer, those who favor is like a lot unexpectedly Cool Biz.There was also the voice to welcome the flag waving of the Ministry of the Environment.

Office worker who feels “tie, watch, socks and annoying or would not be many.I think first, it is hard to do in the private sector and civil servants and politicians not start “(845tk’s)

Country to teaching the fashion of summer hardly new.In the old days, there was said to be the world there is the late former Prime Minister Ohira also Forget the “saving Enerukku”.Just this, people who imitate truly did not appear most because it was style considerable unique aside commentaries, but campaign that began by changing the words as “Cool Biz” in 2005, as established in its own way.Workers testify this a company that has introduced a long casual style.

Indeed “, the sales people at other companies, it seems that there is a complaint I was jeans When you come to a meeting within.But, If you do not tell me in advance, even if the person is great and considerably jeans, T-shirt, I’m lying about it (laughs).I’m not interfere with the work separately “(sweet76’s)

However, if you meet with people outside the company, such as sales, the Cool Biz opinion that whether it is the NG by strong.

“I think that it’s there if you work in a company, but I’ll want to have dressed a little more better if comes as a business” (JP-21’s)

I think it’s OK if it’s the case in this day do not plan to meet exactly the people of “external.I think since trouble just meeting When you have entered or suddenly, that there is no problem if I aligned suit, shirt, tie, shoes set the company “(mm_myOK’s)

But should Some people you think surely even business, if that gives clothes a favorable impression with neat, and much better than come with flowing doodling in sweat suits.But Cool Biz sense of a person wearing Unlike safe suit’s called into question.It does not also have to think of coordinated colors and materials, and I want to match the clothes also accessories such as watches and shoes and bags, if possible.Are there any How much consideration is that people be attentive to there.

“It would be tailored to the season (cool) and looking, looking rough and another thing, I feel people are confused with the hit like many will” (rsejima501’s)

Look at the fashion show of the department store and the people who appeared in the media as a role model for Super Cool Biz, always stylish friend, had a string of “cold …”.Well, it’s aim to effect to be cool people to see that way too? Cool Biz ultimate.Well guys, Do you want to attendance at Kariyushi and Hawaiian shirt?

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