President Ma of Taiwan, “Chinese Communist Party should face history and in good faith” – U.S. flower-shaped media

July 7, 2011, was held at the National Defense University horse Ying-jeou (Ma Injiu) Taiwan President is “Anti-Japanese War History Symposium”, pointed out the differences in the education history of China and Taiwan, “Chinese Communist Party history and in good faith should face.It, “he said we should go through” speak frankly the fact that “the policy.Beihanaji site and multi-Ishin 聞網 was told.

President Ma standing in greeting at the opening ceremony of the symposium pointed out that “have received Kosen history education peoples of 2-3 generations are different at all in China and Taiwan”.To the Chinese side, to be shown the truth and facing in good faith and “history, and also no matter poses a big grudge, no matter how.there is an item called “speak frankly the facts” in the policies and principles established by the Chinese Communist Party.And called it is not too late, ambiguous and “should correct.

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In addition, ’60 “China and Taiwan is divided.Through a gruesome civil war, interpretation of history is also very different in both.Pointed out that Chinese students of recent, “he seems to misunderstand that it is a thing that the Chinese Communist Party fought the anti-Japanese war.interpretation of history and reconcile “When China and Taiwan greet reconciliation, truth should be returned to the original.This is a fight most gruesome in the history of the Chinese nation.He stressed that it “should not be treated ambiguously.(Translation and editing / NN)

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