Expansion of trade between China and North Korea, China Car increases in North Korea

According to the data (KITA) announced Korea International Trade Association, of imported cars from China to North Korea, large vehicles of more than 20 tons carrying capacity of the previous car ,1500-3000CC increased 105.1% from the same period last year increased 54 percent from the same period of.China Radio International has reported.

large vehicles in 2010, North Korea has been imported from China increased by 185 percent from the same period last year, car of medium size small has increased 66%.

Time until the 1990s from “the 1980s, Japan and North Korea had maintained trade relations, North Korea had imported a lot of used cars of Japan, representatives of the manufacturers of North Korea expanding trade with China It said it brought in, car produced in China is “a growing number of North Korea in the current.(Editors: Kenji Murayama)

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