200 locations dam depletion, 700,000 drought, serious in pastoral areas – Inner Mongolia

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, dam 207 locations is depleted by drought record, serious consequences have come to secure drinking water to 70 million people.China and other large 播網 was told.

Xilin Mei Midwest, Uranchabu City, Ordos City, Araxa Meng, and in some areas of Hulun Boir city located in the eastern part, what is hit by a severe drought, agriculture Maki mixing area of ​​the Midwest grasslands and grazing area But the most serious.In these areas, rainfall of up to now has been reduced more than 50% than normal winter from last year.

This effect, in addition to crops (about 69 hectares) of 10.34 million mu autonomous region was devastated by the end of June this year, I was grassland of about 28,000 square meters and wither.

In addition, water storage rate of the entire dam located 582 was reduced to 16%, dam of 207 depletion of this.Many of the wells have already withered in the drought area, ensure the drinking water of 4.69 million head of livestock and 760,000 inhabitants it is difficult.(Editors: Nakaoka Hideo)

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