Why population No so many [China] BBS Japan though it is an island nation?

Why population how so many “Japan though it is an island nation in the bulletin board of Baidu major search site in China?Thread, known as “was erected.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: Speaking of Odongdo above basis island nation with a population of less normally regardless of whether developing countries or developed countries.For example, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Maldives such as ….Nantes Some people even 100 million people on a small island ….Probably, population or would not be many in most island nation in Indonesia other than.The problem area is that it’s much smaller than Indonesia Japan.


● In terms of population density liu4619653 not a what Hey hey?Some of the coastal cities, there is a place of much higher population density than Japan in China.

● The population density is not much lower in comparison with Japan devil UK three wings.To have relied on immigrants because it was colonial New Zealand, Madagascar, Indonesia ….

● simple thing ewprod.Island nation of them not because it is the developing world, it’s because of the modern country of immigrants.It has a smaller Japan in size of the country.For example, New Zealand country of immigrants, Madagascar developing countries, national land is smaller than Japan United Kingdom.

● J Seifu horse J Japanese government wonder because they encourage birth. (Japan is the problem is low birth rate)

● science and technology 頤椿 economy from being developed.

● flat is more than Japan taoyan United Kingdom.

● probably because there is no storage ℃ magnificent family planning. (It is the one-child policy in China)

● __ Tosatoko this Japan’m the goal is to exceed the population of China much. (I have never heard such a story is)

● percentage of unmarried people over 30 years of age in Japan is 921 392 869 40%.

● zhaijia1987 war is a must. (It is dangerous opinion)

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