What if walking down the street of China wearing a kimono Moshimo [China] BBS?

What I wonder if happens if walking down the street of China wearing a “kimono on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Thread, known as “was erected.Main thread seems to not be helped when we want to walk the streets wearing a kimono.Various opinions were received for this.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().

● I Oguri fantsy remembered the incident in Wuhan of a few years ago ….I’ll have a centralized attack that parent-child.(Will it be parent-child who was cherry-blossom viewing in kimono)

● I’ll think not a serious thing … I’m sure I will be surrounded by onlookers rose KoriRyo.I think it depends on the location.

● there is a possibility to be taken to the mental hospital of apple Yume-ji. (And What does it mean)

● I liu4619653 main thread, better First of all, I bought a good insurance.

● When asked if something is surrounded by people if Love of Maki, I wonder if not okay as long as say like “Nani” or “Wakaranai” in Japanese.I think that a person of the yukata is beautiful than the kimono. (In some cases, do not take risk rather)

● When you are put on the net is photographed if Red Butler of Death, or are harassed by being human flesh investigation.Rather me do anything, then you would not wear a kimono and learning lessons government.

● There was nothing TsuyaKiyoshi 1990s, 00 per year.Kimono is had been placed anywhere in the photo studio, kimono was a great popular.

● main thread: It seems there are people that Aisin Mari harassment, but the first place China lags behind Japan…. We (meaning enthusiastic patriot) Funsei of China but will not admit even dead even if I say.The person who took a look high-speed rail is whether the exposure of a shame how now is good.I’m going to wear a kimono with gun, fruit knife, kitchen knife, knife, sword … everyone! ! !

● I wore during this time, but yishida1987 I was fine.And went home as it is to wear at school, but it was not anything ….In fact, young people are wearing very well at my.Although I’m almost cosplay.Do not be surprised on the street, and you’ve never seen the Funsei.Because look at the people of cosplay that Japanese sword pointing to wearing a kimono, I think I only see people passing each other on the street also amused.

● I’m going to us Dearui in kendo clothes in this summer vacation Sakuranomiya equinox specific commitments.Kana is said that something terrible? (I think a lot of people look back in Japan After walking down the street in kendo clothes)

● It may be praised laughing if in 耐克 Tameware banquet, but I might be caught in the city.

● interest rate and the rate at which turn around Hei-sha Katsuro 塞維 thorns’ s soaring at a stretch.

● I-gonna wear a kimono in China Why kitten love Beijing.Too good to Is not mon was also nothing mood.Not a okay what to wear in Japan.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

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