Among the inevitable collapse of the bubble = now China’s measures – Korean-American scholar

July 15, 2011, South Korea paper, Chosun Ilbo article “collapse always the real estate bubble in China – Korean researchers” posted a.Ring-and-ball network reported.

The 13th, MagoKiyoshi sources professor of California State University Channel Island school, held a meeting with South Korean media correspondent in New York.Collapse of the “China Real Estate bubble is inevitable.I complained need to prepare for corresponding is “a Korea.

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The collapse of the bubble economy of China, which is the world’s largest exporter is, becomes a major impact on the world.Albeit China control force of government in the economy is strong, the possibility of the collapse of the bubble is high strong dependence on real estate.

The collapse in the possibility of 60% if capitalist countries of normal, grandson professor told China and be kept up to the possibility of about 30%, but the officials of the Chinese government is poor in experience, huge foreign exchange reserves shows the outlook of the unstoppable collapse of the bubble, even with the.(Translation and editing / KT)

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