The mineral water brand in China or contamination “of insect eggs” – Beijing

July 22, 2011, I reported that eggs of insects and was contaminated with a leading mineral water brand in the “farmer Yamashimizu” China network.Product of several hundred cases have been recovered from the over-the-counter already in Beijing Tongzhou District.

The 21st, Lee, who lives in Tongzhou District found that thing about the size of a grain of rice a yellow mineral water that you have purchased in the supermarket is contaminated.I found the eggs of the insect probably.Lee was asked to visit the supermarket, to pay the cost of a child is subject to inspection at the hospital, but the super refused.

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I opened the mineral water in the store along with the “salesperson.Lee is angry but others were insects are included certainly, that it “did not admit the problem.On the other hand, as there is a possibility that it is also emphasizing that there is no defect in the production system of the company, not that there was a problem similar to this, got into during transport, farmer Yamashimizu relationship who interviewed is, Tongzhou was revealed to have recovered several hundred cases that were shipped to ward.(Translation and editing / KT)

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