High-speed bus that burst into flames while the vehicle is moving, passengers = China more than death capacity is 41 people

4:00 early in the morning around the 22nd, bus of 35 passengers were suddenly caught fire while traveling in Henan Xinyang ShiAkira-ko area near the highway Kyotama.At the time of the accident, passengers of 47 people were aboard the bus, 41 people were killed, was rescued I was only six slightly.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

According to the report, because of the bus burst into flames was intense, identification of victims of 41 people’s rather difficult situation.According to the police anonymous, research has been carried out from various quarters of crime, terrorism, fire cause of the accident, but the cause is not been able to confirm yet.

After the accident, collect personal effects at the scene, and prosecutors in the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing, Henan police arrived at the Ministry of Public Security prosecution department at 10:00 am 23rd personal effects taken at the scene of the accident.In medium-sized sleeper of Shandong Weihai Transportation Ltd., accident vehicle was heading to Hunan area from Shandong Weihai.

In spite of the bus of 35 passengers, 47 people were aboard.The bus has been found to have passed a safety check at the start, passengers exceeding the amount of capacity that has on board from the location of the bus stop other than the true.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

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