Ten great female warriors in history worthy of being called Calamity Jane

History, there are many person called a hero, but There are a lot of women who played with a weapon.

I will introduce suitable for calling and Calamity Jane among others, the great 10 people.

1. Zenobia

Zenobia – Wikipedia

At a time when the authority of the Roman emperor was reduced to 3 century, the queen of Palmyra kingdom and the territory surrounding Syria and Egypt.In the name of “protecting the eastern province Rome from invasion of the Persian Sasanian morning,” we continue to expand the territory after the other.

Is referred to as the “Queen of Egypt” itself, Zenobia was called “Queen of beauty to be warrior (Warrior Queen)” also.It becomes the prisoner lost the battle with the Roman Empire and then, but is known to be married the Senate of Rome, to have a wealthy life.

2. Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane – Wikipedia

Professional scouts were female pioneer in the settlement of the American West.In Calamity Jane enough is nicknamed the (evil disease God) Calamity, she was the gunman handedly takes part in a number of operations involved in the war with the Indians for a long period of time.

3. Semiramis

Semiramis – Wikipedia

This occurs in the northern part (the current Iraq) Mesopotamia, the legendary queen of Assyrian empire who built a global empire.Even had combines the wisdom and good looks, and is reportedly also had a cruel outrage and an erotic luxury lovers, It is said that she had not made the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon,” one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

4. Virtuous women

Good women – Wikipedia

Good women (unfortunately) is one of the wife and children of Yin 23rd rhubarb Takehinoto.It is said himself to taking the field, and he commanded the 13,000 troops thing.

5. Tamar

Tamar (Georgian queen) – Wikipedia

Queen of the Georgian kingdom that expanded the territory by driving out the Seljuks in the 12th century.Spread to the entire south Caucasus territory of the Kingdom of Georgia, has established a golden age of Georgian Kingdom.

6. Ann Bailey
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Anne Bailey – Wikipedia

She was active as a messenger or scout in the northwest Indian War and the American Revolution has the nickname of “Mad Anne”.Episode perhaps you have a 160km ride from fort to fort for that it has lost her husband in the war of independence is driven to fight her, to carry gunpowder has been left.

7. Budika
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Budika – Wikipedia

Land around the year 60, which corresponds to the current United Kingdom, reigned as queen of the Celts Ikeni group.Have been trampled to the invading forces of the Roman Empire, but it raised together Celtic tribe, it has caused a full-scale insurrection.

Raise the palms then capture one after the other the Roman Empire colony around the country, and beat the Roman army 9th Corps Hisupana, even to decide to troop pullout in Nero, it has lost received a counterattack of the Roman army at the Battle of Watoringu Road.

8. Symptoms sister
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Symptoms sisters – Wikipedia

Sister you have masterminded the “Ran High server-chun (butterfly sister)” that occurred in (Vietnam current) Nanyue which was under the control of the Later Han a century.Symptoms side, sister sister Cho弐.Gwangmu Emperor Han is fed the army after a “serious rebellion act”, symptoms sister has been killed at the end trapped together.

9. Jeanne d’Arc
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Joan of Arc – Wikipedia

Needless to say the young girl of Orleans.And to contribute to the liberation of Orleans during the Hundred Years’ War, she was a daughter of rural that received the revelation of God, we also contribute to the crowned in Reims Charles VII.After she becomes a prisoner at the Battle of Compiegne then, it has been condemned as a heretic by the Inquisition, and it was with the stake in Rouen.

10. TomoeGozen
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TomoeGozen – Wikipedia

Won fame as a military commander of Shinano countries of the late Heian period, concubine of Minamotonoyoshinaka.

Be had together not only strength, but also beauty is written down in the passage of the Tale of the Heike.Long hair white color Tomoe, or truly excellent Yogan also “in.Soldiers those skilled in Gokyu thousand picked troops, one person Nari (strong man) ”
All, it was our Calamity Jane of 10 people carve a great name in the history.

Had been chosen from Japan It was surprising, but it is where you said Tomoe Gozen truly.

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