Citizens who stand up to get a comeback / broom from the London riots

uproar of North London Tottenham District police officers shot and killed a black man, was developed into a riot from public demo.Currently, the scale of the riots expanded to a wide range around the London, police are increasingly cautious.It seems to have changed in the looting and senseless destruction by young citizens should it was protests, was frustrated in policy and national recession originally.

I do not mean to just vandalism, other citizens are also silent.August 10, citizens of the District of Wandsworth London gathered at the station with a broom.We were to start cleaning large-scale activities.

The riots are you in the wake of the shooting death of a black man one, but it was led to the development of the riot there in the background is a complex social situation in the UK.The Tottenham district riot occurs first, in the area of ​​high unemployment most London, low-income earners will live many.In addition, a variety of races have gathered, I’m also known as a dangerous area.

Shot dead by police, occurred in the middle of a gun crime investigation.I’m opened fire on the police men were killed also has a gun.Initially, the protest demonstration I had done in the situation relatively mild, but it seems to have clashed with police for some of them to mob, tried to crush this.

Brunt of the anger was directed only to police at first, but looting and destruction is repeated without choosing a partner, the city that caused the riot was became a miserable state.Among such, the citizens of Wandsworth District in an attempt to clean again the town of scattered debris, a collection to Clapham Junction station, I began the comeback of the city with a broom.

State at that time have been published to image sharing sites, voice of praise has to figure up of citizens to rise up with a broom.It’s not be said of all the riots and subsided yet, but I hope that the excessively violent does not repeat any more.

(Statement = Charmy)
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