Obama peace! The focus quickly forecast the 2012 top of the turbulent change of regime change major countries of China, Taiwan and North Korea successive! Kotaro Tamura [Column]

Early care is a little next year, be talking of 2012.Next year’s tumultuous year.It’s a rare year that there is a possibility that the leader of the governing nation to change all at once the future of world affairs.Anything Sonaearebaureinashi.It is important to be ready to back calculation.Some people, such as year of annihilation in the Maya calendar next year, so that this does not happen, let’s watch the situation from now.

As described above, the change of the top of the world next year successive.It’s spark, presidential election in Taiwan in January.This is followed by the Russian presidential election in early March.Date is not fixed, but there is a change of president of China in mid-March in the natural course of events.There is a presidential election in France affect major EU countries the future of the euro in May.Olympics will be held in London there was a riot commotion recently in July.There is the United States presidential election in early November.There is a presidential election in South Korea next door in December.

As you look at this way, influence the fate of the world’s major countries, that is an important change and drama election that affect the future of the economy and security of the world’s jostling.Do not be unusual Year overlap so?

Let’s take a look from the top of the first election change.It is a presidential election in Taiwan.Cross-strait relationship was very stable under the KMT, President Ma Ying-jeou of the China closer.However, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party momentum.Moreover, there is a possibility of regime change.I think that there is a good chance that the Democratic Progressive Party candidates stir up nationalism in Taiwan, the incumbent win-horse president of the Kuomintang.Cross-strait relationship does not go smoothly as of now at that time.

In response to the president election of Taiwan, China’s top to change.China there is no election watch out.Xi Jinping, who has been nominated as the next president aim at human nature sometimes seized with intense patriotic speech.Once, there is that it has criticized the Communist Party violently “” tedious, emptiness, deceit “and sentences speech of Chinese Communist Party leaders of today’s full” and in order to stir up the masses popularity.There is also that it circulates the human rights issue “leisure foreigners, are Agetsura~tsu nag the shortcomings of our belly becomes full,” you made a remark that provoked the United States.In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, and, speaking “Korean War war of justice that confront aggression to protect the peace,” you invited a backlash from South Korea.Patriotic remarks of the masses side of the order to determine the popularity and unity of the people, that the relationship toward Taiwan, to the United States, to Japan, and Korea paired to worse expected sufficient.

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