Lady Gaga, the net use prohibition of music is Ken-ra Hirai – China

August 24, 2011, news sites “KINBRICKS NOW” was reported that music such as Hirai Ken and Lady Gaga has been specified in the rule violation online music in China.

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August 2011, China Ministry of Culture has issued a “notice on the removal of the 3rd rule violation online music product”.List of 100 songs listen at the individual site and portal site search site, and corporate site, broadcast, download forbidden was published.Dated 19 China newspaper network has posted the list, but included four songs such as “You Just Can not Smile It Away daily” Hirai Ken, 6 songs of Lady Gaga and “The Edge of Glory”, and “once again” of Kuraki Mai are.

Since last year, China Ministry of Culture is to strengthen the crackdown on online music.I issued a closure order to 300 unlicensed ones web site in 2010.And conducted a “crackdown of rule violation online music product” from this year.Have begun to crack down on music unit.

It is standard for policing, but purported that music that is not subject to review based on the “Internet culture management Interim Provisions”.Seen rather than songs Kuraki Mai and Hirai Ken is caught, that you do not have to apply for a review to the China Ministry of Culture said it was a problem.

Unless viewed listings published, music online sales are not music has not been authorized for sale in China, CD can be sold seems to contain a considerable number.It is believed that is not a normal distribution, piracy distribution has become a problem.

It seems rather than crack down on online music rule violation, as the story requires only thing crackdown on piracy, but it is the work of intellectual property station.China Ministry of Culture seems that no-touch.(Author: chinanews)

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