Married professor of Peking, the mistress relationship = suspension disposal and high school girls – China

August 28, 2011, according to Xinhua network, incident required 300,000 yuan (about 3.6 million yen) from a high school girl was mistress professor of highest educational institution, Beijing University of China occurs, this professor suspension disposal it became.

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Two people I met to Lijiang, Yunnan.It was the difference between the year of 26-year-old.High school girls often visited Beijing, two people had piled up secret meeting in the men’s room and hotel.High school students injured when some, it has become impossible to take the university because of.Men approached it and I’ll make to take care of college, continue to mistress relationship thereafter.Man was married.

However, since you did not take care of college at all, or threatened to hurt the family of man, and now request the money often, schoolgirl also requires a large amount of alimony that 300,000 yuan.Men felt the danger to report, high school girls became the place to be overpowered the police and worked as extortion.

If you picked up in the media this incident becomes surfaced, Peking University launched an investigation on its own to see the heavy situation.To clarify where responsibility lies, conduct of this professor lacks dignity from the general and common sense position that teachers, as it’s the act of unforgivable stain the name of Peking University high-profile in the world, and the suspension dispose of the male professor , it was clarified that it has solved the job of teachers.(Translation and editing / Okada)

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