Took place in Russia really outrageous “children’s club party”

In Chelyabinsk of Russia, club events of limited child seems to have held.Although the children’s, club house itself is using a location that is open for normal adults, it has become an event to feel a dangerous situation atmosphere, a voice saying “outrageous” is heard from various quarters That’s right.

How Children Spent This Summer | English Russia

State of 1. Clubhouse internal

Girls Kyojiru 2. Dance

Girl drink a drink in 3. Counter

4. Boy two

Girl that grabbed 5. Breast?

Young couple 6.

Girls who are familiar with the atmosphere of 7. Club

Combination, such as a husband you do not do 8. Yaruo

Even so young 9. Boy

Boy lined up in the 10. Counter

Girl of atmosphere that may not work in place yet 11.

Boys to order 12. Drink

Boys 13. Norinori

Break 14. Bench

15. Ticket collection?

And 16. Sister

17. Body Paint

Girls drew 18. Water

Two girls of 19. Unsophisticated atmosphere

Girl of 20 lazy atmosphere.

Boy atmosphere of 21. Club look good

The vodka to 22. Shot glass?

boy 23. dance look good

Boy that trick on 24. Sister

Girl filled with beautiful accept a 25. Bouquet

Boy drinking a drink at 27. Straw

Girls play at 28. Foam

Girls look 29. Provocative

Boys enjoy a 30. Drink

Girls look 31. Various

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