“Seating arrangements of children unhappy” blew monster Parents dismissed disposal – Henan

It was found that the 13th September 2011, and stormed dead drunk to school city council staff of China, Henan Province to attend the child, it became dismissal.Coverage of Qianjiang Evening News.

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Liu erected section of Henan Urban People’s Congress Standing Committee and was causing the commotion (Liu Jienri) deputy chief.On the evening of the 6th of this month, the regular taxi by car to attend junior high school children, was repeated a fuss in school for approximately 1 hour.Liu was a drunken state.

Principal of this school is to lead to the principal’s office as well, Liu reject it.Refuse to budge even prompts you to go home on the one hand.For this reason, business and staff of student tuition is disturbed.why Liu has stormed to school “for obtaining a description in the school”.Says, that the children of their own is a severe myopia, against the seat back of the classroom of the new school year was that we were unhappy.

Liu argues that “the settlement with the school already” on the matter, but the job itself that had been solved.(Translation and editing / love ball)

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