The complex feelings toward Libya China

Show the attitude of the school side of the Gaddafi Libya consistently, the Chinese government which has been at a distance from the National Council of the anti-government faction.September 12, the Chinese government has issued a statement to the effect that to approve the National Council through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at last.

For Libya situation, it has been discussed as an agenda of every day discussion commentary program, such as a ring-and-ball gaze from August and July in Central Television of China, it is understood well that it had received Chinese media, the high interest in the government eventually It was reported pretend like.This is a news organization to defending Gaddafi advocates consistently until about mid-August, it was reported in minute detail the “disastrous” state of the bombing site in the West, including NATO.

However, news that the impression a neutral had noticeable from around mid-August.In response to the inferior side of Gaddafi, the Chinese government will also was a “gray area”.

I can say that statement from the Foreign Ministry of this time, and it has received approval that the victory of the National Council side has become decisive.But it is not possible yet convinced the Chinese government to this approval, I have received the impression that a “reluctantly”.

Still, mainland China media does not change from “(National Migration Commission and the Japanese) 过渡 National Committee” pre-approval of the Chinese name of the National Council on the evidence.It’s been labeled “brackets” with in the same way as pre-approval still.

For, must be written in “brackets” with the organization name of the government, the intention political is included in the Chinese media are often.For example, organization name of Taiwan government has been labeled “brackets” with, and there may be referred to in the “brackets” with even for Tibetan government in India of the Dalai Lama.In other words this is, is also a sign referred to as “I do not have approved the government as a continent of these government”.You can see that even when viewed from here, only lip service is in the form that even she can and says, such as “approve” the National Transitional Council of Libya, was at a distance somewhere still in a statement at the Foreign Ministry.

There was a need to approve the National Council Chinese government.There are circumstances in which state-owned enterprises in China of many involved in the development of Libya in Japan, has been involved in a number of interests you have, including the infrastructure and oil before civil war in Libya.Company officials most would withdraw to Libya by foreign civil war is it, I have returned to the blank.

But there is a great taste monetary development of domestic Libya for China, up to now will was the attitude opportunistic and that the “get to the person who won”.

However, it is at the beginning in September, reports “companies in China was providing weapons to Gaddafi side” that comes from the west side.Foreign Ministry has strongly denied this, but the relationship of the National Council is very likely that you go in this state, the next government of Libya deteriorates will no longer be avoided.It may be said that the answer that you gave at the end the Chinese government thought-out and the idea is, and was that “to approve the National Council”.

And the word “hope that Chinese companies involved in the reconstruction of Libya,” Foreign Ministry spokesman after approval was also intended to speak for the real intention of the current Chinese government just.

In the sense of suppressing the domestic public opinion That being said, there is also a real intention of another that “I want to win to Gaddafi, who have the understanding to communism”.The result is, do they appear in the report attitude of Gaddafi side of the former and “brackets” notation that the ongoing.

Mixed feelings of China’s Libya is likely to continue in the future.