Vietnam and India gas field joint development in the South China Sea, China expressed its “opposition” – China paper

September 16, 2011, Foreign Minister of Vietnam Min Krishna and Foreign Minister of India met in Hanoi, I went a consultation aimed at joint development of natural gas and oil in the South China Sea.In contrast, China has expressed the “opposite”.Shin Kyoto report was told.

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According to the article, “China has an interest in this matter, but the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote things as the Vietnam say we.It, “he said are reportedly this position the Chinese side already.Vietnam is located in the seabed off the coast of the South China Sea gas fields that you plan to co-development, the form of natural gas company in India has received a development permit from Vietnam.India Ministry of Foreign Affairs that “on the basis of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of ​​1982, the Vietnamese government owns sovereignty over gas fields” and.Indian media reported that “India is involved for the first time in the South China Sea dispute of China and Vietnam” and.

On the other hand, Jiang Yu of the Chinese Foreign Ministry (Jian Yu) spokesman expressed the position of the “opposed to making a gas field development in the waters of China under the jurisdiction of any country has consistently China”.I emphasized territorial rights in the South China Sea of ​​China, right, claim as something that is formed in the course of history for a long time.(Translation and editing / NN)

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