and that the [original] Sports Watch Giant Mr. Kuwata, had muttered toward the ball during a match it?

It’s said that in baseball, and the opportunity to score an absolute, it would be a situation of “Noauto bases loaded”.But, broadcast late at night on the 18th, TBS in “S1”, I discussed the theory of its own professional baseball commentator Masumi Kuwata, Mr. survive a “grand slam Noauto”.

Kuwata’s “three points there” that’s listed first, those of “case gain insight into the psychological state of the other party”.

Batter because it is large chance “In particular, likes out that it would take a point no matter what it does.Another must not to be struck, pressure it takes in have to get a point.On the other hand, there are cases where Hirakinaoreru Become a desperate pitcher.I explained psychological state is “different in the batter and pitcher.

It is followed, Mr. Kuwata referred to as “take the one out at any cost”.I have plenty of plenty ‘s how to get “out.Do not conceived the strategy of whether to take out what kind of wind.Supplement and that “First of all, take that one out.Further, it was mentioned to be “remind their advantageous” The third point.

Because I have to get out still two “, disadvantage is the unfavorable, but because there is a flow I mean baseball, it is possible to draw a little, the flow was going on over there in Noauto bases loaded.While preaching the batter, pressure to 0 points in the baseball double play is “coming verge pressed further, the term” baseball, go fighting while using the psychological state of the other, it’s that we also suppressed I’m a real thrill.Summarizes added, “I is not good you are playing in the only technology and body’s ability born with.

Then, as you know, Kuwata, who was asked “How tell myself” is, I had muttered to the ball “I.Last at-bat (in particular) is because it took out on the curve, or trying to turned two in-course, in the chute from coming aimed at the curve this time, so that ‘s remind.Fine, added, “I’m long, Mr. Kuwata revealed the back of the” famous scene “was found in the playing days.