China Media – “queer the Sino-US relations certainly” for Taiwan arms sales

For that it has announced plans to the United States to sell Taiwan weapons of 5.8 billion $ 52 million total and retrofit of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, expert of the Chinese government think tank has argued, “Sino-US relations to derail big” and was.China wide 播網 was told.

Its effect on Sino-US relations, arms sales “for Taiwan’s interference in domestic affairs of China Institute of International Affairs, director of the Chinese government, Foreign Ministry report directly to institutions, songs star Mr..Analysis of cooperation relations between the two countries, which is becoming closely will not move forward, and “will also affect the future direction.Described the magnitude of the effect of raising the case when the U.S. has sold weapons to Taiwan in January last year, can occur in arms sales, “the Chinese side has returned to the correct finally road paying a lot of effort at the beginning of this year,” and.

About 100 items cooperation agreement is established in the third strategic and economic dialogue continued, in May but was confirmed cooperation President Hu Jintao is visiting the United States at the beginning of the year, Vice President Biden to visit China and the other day, arms sales uproar that occurred suddenly in a good mood drifts.The song’s warned that it “will be able to blitz the atmosphere certainly”.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)